The Atlantic's 100 Most Influential Americans

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Quiz by dirkster42
Last updated: December 21, 2014
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First submittedDecember 18, 2014
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Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Alexander Hamilton
Benjamin Franklin
John Marshall
Martin Luther King
Thomas Edison
Woodrow Wilson
John D. Rockefeller
Ulysses S. Grant
James Madison
Henry Ford
Theodore Roosevelt
Mark Twain
Ronald Reagan
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Paine
Andrew Carnegie
Harry Truman
Walt Whitman
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Alexander Graham Bell
John Adams
Walt Disney
Eli Whitney
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Earl Warren
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Henry Clay
Albert Einstein
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Jonas Salk
Jackie Robinson
William Jennings Bryan
J. P. Morgan
Susan B. Anthony
Rachel Carson
John Dewey
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Eleanor Roosevelt
W. E. B. Du Bois
Lyndon B. Johnson
Samuel F. B. Morse
William Lloyd Garrison
Frederick Douglas
Robert Oppenheimer
Frederick Law Olmsted
James K. Polk
Margaret Sanger
Joseph Smith
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Bill Gates
John Quincy Adams
Horace Mann
Robert E. Lee
John C. Calhoun
Louis Sullivan
William Faulkner
Samuel Gompers
William James
George Marshall
Jane Addams
Henry David Thoreau
Elvis Presley
P. T. Barnum
James D. Watson
James Gordon Bennett
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Noah Webster
Sam Walton
Cyrus McCormick
Brigham Young
Babe Ruth
Frank Lloyd Wright
Betty Friedan
John Brown
Louis Armstrong
William Randolph Hearst
Margaret Mead
George Gallup
James Fenimore Cooper
Thurgood Marshall
Ernest Hemingway
Mary Baker Eddy
Benjamin Spock
Enrico Fermi
Walter Lippman
Jonathan Edwards
Lyman Beecher
John Steinbeck
Nat Turner
George Eastman
Samuel Goldwyn
Ralph Nader
Stephen Foster
Booker T. Washington
Richard Nixon
Herman Melville
Level 69
Dec 18, 2014
Very enjoyable and difficult quiz. Some of the names don't seem to work - I put in both Washington and Ruth, and neither appeared.
Level 76
Dec 18, 2014
Thanks for taking! Made changes so "Washington" works for George Washington (it already worked for Booker T.), and "Ruth" works for Babe Ruth.

Check out my Women Composers quiz, too!

Level 70
Dec 18, 2014
Agree. I also did Washington and Ruth and they didn't work.
Level 77
Dec 19, 2014
"King" doesn't work for "Martin Luther King" and "Presley" doesn't work for "Elvis Presley". Besides that, cool quiz! I'm surprised they didn't include Malcolm X.
Level 76
Dec 20, 2014

My list would be pretty different than this one.

Level 78
Oct 15, 2015
Did we steal Einstein?
Level 76
Oct 27, 2015
Became U.S. citizen on October 1, 1940.

Level 76
Dec 28, 2015
Check out my other quizzes here.
Level 73
Feb 20, 2016
In terms of influence I don't think you can ignore Billy Graham and Mark Zuckerberg.
Level 66
Mar 29, 2021
Could you make just "Lewis" or just "Clark" work for Lewis and Clark? It feels strange having to guess two names for one slot
Level 67
Dec 9, 2021
much harder than expected! great quiz