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Last updated: June 11, 2014
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Year the first book takes place in
The other Alley (not Diagon)
Shop in that Alley
Borgin and Burkes
Which item does Dumbledore bequeath to Ron?
Title of the book written by Rita Skeeter about Dumbledore
The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
Mr Weasley's car brand
Ford Anglia
Caretaker of the Riddle House
Frank Bryce
Which two teams played the Quidditch World Cup final?
Bulgaria and Ireland
Magical neighbour of Harry in Surrey
Mrs Figg
Who killed Bellatrix Lestrange?
Molly Weasley
Who was killed by Antonin Dolohov in the Battle of Hogwarts?
What happenned to Neville in the end? (Epilogue of the 7th book)
He became Herbology Professor at Hogwarts
How do the Beauxbatons students arrive to Hogwarts?
In flying carriages
How did James Potter call Snape when they were in Hogwarts?
Which House won the House Cup in the first book?
What chess piece did Hermione play on the giant wizard chess?
And who set that chess board?
Which students were allowed to attend the Yule Ball (4th book)?
Fourth year and above
And who was Harry's date to that ball?
Parvati Patil
Who did Malfoy marry?
Astoria Greengrass
What's the name of Tonks' mother?
Who is Bellatrix Lestrange's sister?
Narcissa Malfoy
Complete the quote: 'Lily? After all this time? __________'
Name of the magical hospital
St Mungo
After taking the polyjuice potion, who did Ron transform into? (2nd book)
Who was Cedric's hostage in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament?
Cho Chang
Who kidnapped Madeye and disguised himself?
Barty Crouch Jr
Which house was Luna Lovegood in?
Who died in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries?
Which spell forces your legs to start dancing uncontrollably?
Which cursed item was given to Katie Bell?
Opal necklace
And who was the intended destination of that item?
Which subject does Hagrid teach?
Care of Magical Creatures
How does Peeves call Dumbledore?
Which is the creature Lupin doesn't let Harry face in his class?
In which dangerous tree do Harry and Ron land in the 2nd book?
Whomping Willow
Which Prime Minister gives Harry, Ron and Hermione Dumbledore's bequest?
What are the books' last words ever?
All was well
(In the film) Which spell did Hermione use with her parents when she departs to find the Horcruxes?
Level 53
Nov 16, 2014
Unfortunately, you have two mistakes. Hermione didn't play a queen, she play the queen-side CASTLE. Also, it's not Prime Minister, it just Minister.
Level 24
Jan 27, 2015
yeah hermione was a castle?
Level 27
May 21, 2015
totally agree, started to type in queen side castle, and it just took queen.
Level 27
May 21, 2015
typed in opal necklace and didn't accept. also, could you accept flying horses for beauxbatons arrival, they pulled the carriages.
Level 27
May 22, 2015
also, i am pretty sure that malfoy married pansy parkinson, didn't he?
Level 38
Aug 30, 2015
He married Astoria Greengrass and had a son called Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.
Level 14
Oct 4, 2015
Hermione was a rook, and also James called Snape Snivellus
Level 7
Oct 16, 2015
Bellatrix has more than one sister
Level 18
Apr 19, 2017
I put in 'and all was well' and it didn't accept!

also it says that mrs figg is magical- she's a squib