Bleach's Gotei 13 (Captains and Lieutenants)

Name all the captains and lieutenants in Bleach over the course of the series.
Quiz by Khyle
Last updated: August 20, 2016
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Former 1st Division Captain
Genryusai Yamamoto
Former 1st Division Lieutenant
Chojiro Sasakibe
1st Division Captain (Last arc and Epilogue)
Shunsui Kyoraku
1st Division Co-Lieutenant
Nanao Ise
1st Division Co-Lieutenant
Genshiro Okikiba
2nd Division Captain (110 years ago)
Yoruichi Shihoin
2nd Division Captain
2nd Division Lieutenant
Marechiyo Omaeda
Former 3rd Division Captain
Gin Ichimaru
3rd Division Captain
Rojuro Otoribashi
3rd Division Lieutenant
Izuru Kira
Former 4th Division Captain
Retsu Unohana
4th Division Lieutenant (110 years ago)
Seinosuke Yamada
4th Division Captain (Epilogue)
Isane Kotetsu
4th Division Lieutenant (Epilogue)
Kiyone Kotetsu
Former 5th Division Captain
Sosuke Aizen
5th Division Captain
Shinji Hirako
5th Division Lieutenant
Momo Hinamori
6th Division Captain (110 years ago)
Ginrei Kuchiki
6th Division Captain
Byakuya Kuchiki
6th Division Lieutenant
Renji Abarai
7th Division Captain (110 years ago)
Love Aikawa
Former 7th Division Captain
Sajin Komamura
7th Division Captain (Epilogue)
Tetsuzaemon Iba
Former 8th Division Captain
Shunsui Kyoraku
8th Division Captain (Epilogue)
Lisa Yadomaru
Former 9th Division Captain
Kaname Tosen
9th Division Captain
Kensei Muguruma
9th Division "Super-Lieutenant"
Kuna Mashiro
9th Division Co-Lieutenant
Shuhei Hisagi
Former 10th Division Captain
Isshin Shiba
10th Division Captain
Toshiro Hitsugaya
10th Division Lieutenant
Rangiku Matsumoto
Former 11th Division Captain
Kiganjo Kenpachi
11th Division Captain
Zaraki Kenpachi
Former 11th Division Lieutenant
Yachiru Kusajishi
11th Division Lieutenant (Epilogue)
Ikkaku Madarame
11th Division's 3rd Seat (Epilogue)
Yumichika Ayasegawa
Former 12th Division Captain (promoted to the Zero Division)
Kirio Hikifune
12th Division Captain (100 years ago)
Kisuke Urahara
12th Division Captain
Mayuri Kurotsuchi
12th Division Lieutenant (110 years ago)
Hiyori Sarugaki
Former 12th Division Lieutenant
Nemu Kurotsuchi
12th Division Lieutenant (Epilogue)
Former 13th Division Captain
Jushiro Ukitake
13th Division Captain (Epilogue)
Rukia Kuchiki
Former 13th Division Lieutenant (deceased)
Kaien Shiba
Former 13th Division Co-Lieutenant
Kiyone Kotetsu
13th Division Lieutenant/3rd Seat -unknown- (Epilogue)
Sentaro Kotsubaki
Level 53
Jun 13, 2021
why do we have to write Kiyone Kotetsu twice