Complete Toy Story Characters Quiz

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Quiz by 861oats
Last updated: May 24, 2012
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First submittedMay 24, 2012
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1. Andy's favorite sheriff
2. The new toy on the block, a Space Ranger
Buzz Lightyear
3. Pink and lovable piggy bank
4. Diabolical alter-ego of the above
Evil Dr. Porkchop
5. Friendly green dinosaur
6. Purple octopus at Sunnyside Daycare
7. Plastic spud with removable parts
Mr. Potato Head
8. Diabolical alter-ego of the above
One-Eyed Bart
9. Woody's favorite dog made of coiled metal
Slinky Dog
10. Woody's favorite real dog he uses to get to the yard sale
11. Remote controlled car
12. "The clawwwwwwwwwww"
Green Aliens
13. Formal hedgehog, first seen at Bonnie's house
Mr. Pricklepants
14. Woody's trusty steed
15. Andy's little sister
16. Red-headed cowgirl
17. Penguin with a broken 'squeaker'
18. A blue rubber shark that finds the above's new squeaker
Mr. Shark
19. Man in the chicken suit, owns a toy barn
20. Also known as "Prospector"
Stinky Pete
21. Andy's evil next-door neighbor
22. The above's pet dog
23. Toy that #21 blew up with a firecracker
Combat Carl
24. Talking pair of binoculars
25. Pink bear that smells like strawberries
Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear
26. The other dinosaur in the series, a triceratops
27. Commander of the Green Army Men
28. Phonetically-inclined toy that Buzz uses to figure out Al's liscense plate
Mr. Spell
29. Wrestler toy, the strongest toy in Andy's room
30. A 'magic screen' toy that Woody says has the 'fastest knobs in the West'
31. A 'groovy', lifelike toy from Sunnyside Daycar
32. The above's love interest
33. A variation of the above, drives the toys in Al's Toy Barn
Tour Guide Barbie
34. The sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance
Emperor Zurg
35. A clown with a rather contradicting name, considering he never laughs
36. A white unicorn found at Bonnie's house
37. A walking fishing rod, one of Sid's mutant toys
38. A baby doll that was lost at a rest stop
Big Baby
39. A half bug, half warrior toy from Sunnyside Daycare
40. Woody's love interest, a sheppardess
Bo Peep
41. A green worm that seems to know everything about toys
42. The previous owner of #16
43. Another of Sid's mutant toys, a combination of a baby doll and a metal spider
Baby Face
44. The 'mother' of the Green Aliens, married to Mr. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head
45. The above's evil alter-ego
One-Eyed Betty
Level 28
May 24, 2012
Pretty tough! Fun though. Can you accept "Dr. Porkchop" for #4?
Level 23
May 28, 2012
That sounds close enough. I went ahead and added that as an acceptable answer as well. Thanks for the feedback!
Level 24
Dec 27, 2012
i love me some Toy Story I got most of these right say "whoop whoop"
Level 33
Jan 5, 2013
I said pricklypants for pricklepants. Does anyone think thats close?
Level 24
Sep 2, 2013
Got all 45! :D

These are my favorite movies of all time, I have no idea how many times I've seen them, and even so, I ALMOST forgot Baby face. Great quiz!

Level 20
Jan 29, 2015
Can you accept Pricklepants for Mr. Pricklepants?
Level 14
Oct 4, 2015
Kept typing 'LGMs' for #12 cause of the buzz lightyear spin off referring to them as LGM's ( little green men ) ... whoops. Great quiz though
Level 29
Feb 11, 2017
can you accept pete for stinky pete
Level 35
Nov 3, 2020
how about 2
Level 44
Mar 10, 2021
Missed twelve of them but I still like Toy Story! Of all could you add Andy
Level 44
Mar 10, 2021
And bonnie