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Chinese Zodiac Quiz0-4.73113,382
Countries with the Most Borders0-4.97323,736
Countries That Border Russia0-4.98377,010
Countries by Borders #10-5.00166,373
Biggest Cities in Japan0-4.6768,088
One Border Countries0-4.98368,136
Longest Border by Country #10-4.99119,000
Longest Border by Country #20-4.9697,842
Countries that Border Poland0-4.99132,789
Countries that Border China0-4.97215,783
Countries that Border Iraq0-4.9793,428
Countries Bordering Iran0-4.8481,121
Vietnam War Countries0-4.7878,842
Countries Bordering France0-4.89316,157
Countries Bordering Germany0-4.99299,646
Countries Bordering China Since 19140-4.9372,206
Countries Bordering South Africa0-4.9874,020
Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia0-4.95101,561
Countries Bordering Brazil0-4.97106,976
Countries Bordering Turkey0-4.9998,844
Countries Bordering the EU0-4.6535,788
Countries Bordering Austria0-4.98100,856
Biggest Cities in China0-4.46121,670
Countries Bordering India0-4.98130,846
Dynasties of China0-4.7121,643
Countries Bordering Two or More Oceans0-4.16106,613
Japanese Prefectures0-4.9783,308
Countries with the Longest Total Borders0-4.98252,048
North Korea Country Quiz0-3.9326,411
Countries Bordering Italy0-4.9272,258
India Country Quiz0-4.38105,505
China Country Quiz0-4.3893,358
Japan Country Quiz0-4.91106,066
Asian Country Superlatives0-4.7156,721
Singapore Country Quiz0-4.6735,013
Countries that Border Hungary0-4.9887,652
Countries Bordering Tanzania0-4.9761,084
China Cities Map Quiz0-4.8680,332
Provinces of China Map Quiz0-4.9676,714
Provinces of China0-4.96123,763
Philippines Country Quiz0-4.4955,406
Countries by Borders #20-4.97103,606
Egypt Country Quiz0-4.5260,716
Vietnam Country Quiz0-4.6551,270
Iran Country Quiz0-4.4343,656
Thailand Country Quiz0-4.4740,877
South Korea Country Quiz0-4.5464,098
Countries with the Most Borders A-Z0-4.98102,741
Indonesia Country Quiz0-4.8257,351
Hong Kong Facts0-4.3821,193
Azerbaijan Country Quiz0-4.4121,083
Countries by Borders #30-4.9972,742
Countries of the Japanese Empire0-4.9577,124
Countries in the Ottoman Empire0-4.9352,044
Countries with the Shortest Total Borders0-4.9274,469
Countries with Two Borders0-4.99121,427
Countries Closest to Israel0-4.9190,670
Countries Closest to Japan0-4.95104,150
Countries Closest to India0-4.9375,420
Countries Closest to Turkey0-4.9596,008
Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf0-4.9164,191
Kazakhstan Country Quiz0-4.5721,215
Georgia Country Quiz0-4.5521,300
Middle East Map Quiz0-4.981,187,069
East Asia Map Quiz0-4.991,263,292
Countries that Bordered the USSR0-4.93131,272
Countries Two Borders Away From France0-4.3321,249
European Countries with the Fewest Borders0-4.98132,445
Top 10 Most Densely-Populated Countries in Asia0-4.9373,332
Countries Bordering Spain0-4.5656,386
Overseas Chinese Population0-4.5636,826
Landlocked Countries that Border Each Other0-5.00111,749
China A-Z0-4.5653,170
Japan A-Z0-4.4134,146
Four Main Islands of Japan0-4.4221,180
Myanmar Country Quiz0-4.4823,824
Jordan Country Quiz0-4.8223,941
Monarchies of Asia0-4.9548,983
South China Sea Countries0-4.8949,885
Countries Closest to Cyprus0-4.5423,763
Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus0-4.9180,130
Merged Countries #10-4.4188,845
Merged Countries #20-4.9880,403
Merged Countries #30-4.7868,207
Merged Countries #40-4.8775,251
European Countries with One Border0-4.96137,796
Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds0-4.992,966,826
Asian Countries Ending in "IA"0-4.9273,389
Merged Countries #50-4.5256,722
Countries Closest to Egypt0-4.8473,344
Countries Closest to Indonesia0-4.9877,093
Merged Countries #60-4.8955,141
Cities of China (With Some Help)0-4.7824,461
Every Asian Country Shape0-4.9567,354
Brunei Country Quiz0-4.8616,912
Top 10 Asian Countries by Coastline0-4.9181,314
Asian Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.47340,471
Countries of Africa by Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.45311,968
10 Biggest Asian Countries by Area0-4.97114,966
Top 10 Most Populous Asian Countries0-4.96130,408
Big Countries Bordering Small Countries0-4.98101,340
Bordering Countries Forming Words #10-4.8760,242
Bordering Countries Forming Words #20-4.9824,440
Countries Bordering Ukraine, with an Empty Map0-4.7879,408
Countries of the Middle East0-4.96152,779
Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map0-4.94222,346
Countries Bordering D.R. Congo0-4.9955,469
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Asia0-4.8791,256
Largest Countries with No Borders0-4.97167,186
Cities of the Pearl River Delta0-4.6013,009
Countries Bordering Kenya0-4.8652,882
Top 10 Coldest Asian Countries0-4.9694,062
Biggest Countries Bordering the Pacific Ocean0-4.9073,725
Bordering Countries Beginning With the Same Letter0-4.9995,969
Most Populated Countries Bordering the Pacific Ocean0-4.9873,530
Merged Countries #70-4.9557,771
10 Southernmost Countries in Asia0-4.9869,257
Countries Closest to Vietnam0-4.9771,692
10 Easternmost Countries in Asia0-4.9887,952
10 Westernmost Countries in Asia0-4.7352,779
Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds0-4.89180,045
Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers0-4.9363,417
"Stan" Countries - Map Quiz0-4.9794,380
Pakistan Country Quiz0-4.4648,317
Asian Diaspora - Top 10 Countries0-4.8433,481
Countries of the World with a Borderless Map0-4.9957,950
Walking Across Borders with Hints #10-4.9082,070
10 Asian Countries with the Most Tourists0-4.7961,919
Bay of Bengal Countries With an Empty Map0-4.7165,691
Biggest Mongol Empire Countries0-4.9162,563
Asian Island Nations0-4.7283,332
All Cities in China with Population of 1 Million0-4.6531,687
Countries of Asia in 19000-4.4248,898
Countries of Asia with Two or More Words0-4.9482,504
Most Visited Countries by Chinese0-4.2726,808
Countries that Visit India the Most0-4.5436,444
Most-Visited Countries by Japanese0-4.9446,421
Most Guessed Asian Countries on JetPunk0-4.7381,711
Biggest Trading Partners - Turkey0-4.6732,935
Biggest Trading Partners - China0-4.9662,312
Top 10 Asian Countries by Population Increase0-4.9177,548
Top 10 Richest Countries in Asia0-4.9063,446
Lebanon Country Quiz0-4.4927,178
Countries Bordering Myanmar0-4.8664,336
Countries in Southeast Asia With an Empty Map0-4.9883,263
Chinese Geography on the Map0-4.5319,438
Countries with the Most Ascents of Mount Everest0-4.9547,529
Countries Bordering Serbia0-4.9274,183
Top 10 Most Forested Countries in Asia0-4.5654,906
The Only Asian Country ...0-4.66104,340
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,219
Asian Countries with the Fewest Borders0-4.7381,963
Flags of Countries that Border China0-4.9171,329
Closest Countries to North Korea0-4.9395,648
Flags of Countries That Border Russia0-4.7653,487
Flags of Countries That Border France0-4.9088,336
Flags of Countries that Border Germany0-4.8675,852
Countries Bordering the Mediterranean - Map Quiz0-4.8963,975
Largest Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.9889,253
Most Populous Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.9687,833
Smallest Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.5368,719
Bordering Countries with the Largest GDPs0-4.9753,290
Bordering Countries by HDI Difference0-4.9243,663
Countries by Bordering Flags #10-4.9377,623
Countries by Bordering Flags #20-4.8060,449
Countries with the Most People Bordering Them0-4.9668,029
One Border Countries - Shape Quiz0-4.8941,876
Countries Surrounding Istanbul0-4.9018,704
Hindu Countries0-4.7127,284
Asian Countries with the Most Christians0-4.8962,362
Arab Spring Countries0-4.4837,710
Richest Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.98101,514
Japan by Picture0-4.3623,051
China by Picture0-4.5346,745
Countries that Visit Japan the Most0-4.9062,267
Uzbekistan Country Quiz0-4.5621,332
Random Asian Flag to Country0-4.7681,179
Random Countries by Borders0-4.9959,920
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,159
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,225
Countries that Beat China0-4.6675,401
Countries that Beat Japan0-4.2842,125
The Only Remaining Asian Country . . .0-4.5435,033
Which Country Does Not Border...0-4.7778,878
Taiwan Country Quiz0-4.8632,114
All Countries that Once Bordered Germany0-4.2964,456
Countries in the Byzantine Empire0-4.9160,046
Which Asian Country?0-4.6451,236
Yemen Country Quiz0-4.5523,705
Bordering Countries by Clue #10-4.9455,306
Bordering Countries by Clue #20-4.9155,798
Densest Countries Bordering Each Other0-4.8958,827
Countries of the Mongol Empire on a Map0-4.9982,615
Populous Countries Bordering Smaller Countries0-4.9885,525
Rich Countries Bordering Poor Countries0-4.9178,441
Tajikistan Country Quiz0-4.4216,829
China Multiple Choice0-4.4232,730
Kyrgyzstan Country Quiz0-4.4520,553
Kuwait Country Quiz0-4.7617,988
Maldives Country Quiz0-4.5815,194