Wheel of Time Characters by Death #2

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Quiz by ruimateus
Last updated: January 27, 2018
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First submittedAugust 1, 2016
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Killed by Lan in Far Madding
Toram Riatin
Aes Sedai killed by Merean Redhill in Kandor
Larelle Tarsi
Killed by Galadedrid Damodred in a duel
Eamon Valda
Black sister poisoned and killed by Careane Fransi
Ispan Shefar
Killed by Dain Bornhald to save Perrin Aybara
Jaret Byar
Black sister struck by lightning caused by Windfinders
Asne Zeramene
Asha'man killed accidentally when Rand lost control of Callandor
Jonan Adley
Smothered with saidin along with her Warder
Anaiya Carel
Warder killed moments before Siuan Sanche was deposed
Aiel Wise One killed by a Draghkar in Cold Rocks Hold
Aiel Clan Chief killed by Aviendha in Shayol Ghul
Killed by Shaidar Haran as punishment
Killed by Elza Penfell in the Battle near Shadar Logoth
Osan'gar/Corlan Dashiva
Accidentally killed by Alviarin Freidhan in Tel'aran'rhiod
Seanchan High Lord killed by Rand al'Thor in a duel
Turak Aladon
Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah balefired by Demandred
Kwamesa Taramasu
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