The Ultimate Lady Gaga Quiz

How well do you know Lady Gaga? Take this quiz and find out!
Quiz by TanithEdgley
Last updated: August 10, 2014
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Some questions are on her quotes and lyrics - fill in the blanks (the song is provided for you).
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When is Lady Gaga's birthday?
March 28, 1986
Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani ______ ________ Germanotta.
Joanne Angelina
What are Lady Gaga's grandmothers' names?
Veronica & Angelina
Lady Gaga's favourite food is _____.
How many singles were released from The Fame?
What was the first record label Lady Gaga signed to?
Def Jam
"The ______ ___, he misses them kisses, yeah." (Blueberry Kisses)
muffin man
"___ ____ _____ on my _____, pull the fader." (Starstruck)
Put your hands, waist
"I wanna ____ _____ but he took me home instead." (Monster)
just dance
"Don't ask me how or why but I'm _____ ____ __ ______ ____ ____." (The Fame)
gonna make it happen this time
In the song Future Love, what has Lady Gaga been working on?
Lady Gaga’s acoustic performances of Telephone & Dance In The Dark were dedicated to whom?
Alexander McQueen
What prison was Lady Gaga sent to in the Telephone music promo?
Prison for B*tches
In Electric Kiss, Lady Gaga says that she is going to change the world with what?
Her lips
On what date did Lady Gaga's aunt, Joanne, die?
December 18, 1974
"Pop ate my heart. [I see]. He downed the whole thing __ ___ _________ ____."
in one efficient gulp
What is Lady Gaga's sister's name?
Who features on Christmas Tree?
Space Cowboy
On what TV show did Lady Gaga and Madonna fight?
Saturday Night Live
In which city did Lady Gaga premier the 'Living Dress'?
Lady Gaga's eyes are which color?
"________ ____ with a pen in my hand. Dinkin' Lincoln, ________ with a fan." (Paper Gangsta)
Midnight rush, sanscript
"And when you miss me, just remember that I ______ ___ ___ ____ __." (Video Phone)
always got you with me
"Check this hand ‘cause I’m _________." (Poker Face)
What city did the Fame Ball take off in?
San Diego
What is Lady Gaga's favorite color?
The Monster Ball opens with which song?
Dance In The Dark
How many copies of the 'Book of Gaga' were pressed?
Who shot Lady Gaga for her cover of V Magazine?
Mario Testino
Who designed Lady Gaga's heel-less platforms?
Noritaka Tatehana
In what city did a fan jump up on stage during the Monster Ball?
"Boys, boys, boys. With _________ and _____!" (Boys, Boys, Boys)
hairspray, denim
Who does Lady Gaga address in Filthy Pop?
Mr. Radio
What would Lady Gaga do for two days of world peace?
Eat human flesh
Where is Lady Gaga's peace tattoo?
Left wrist
A male delivers three spoken words in the Just Dance. What does he say?
Incredible, amazing, music
"I'm not _____, I like to _____. Let's get ____ in your ______." (Boys, Boys, Boys)
loose, party, lost, Ferrari
Fashion appears on which movie soundtrack?
Confessions Of A Shopaholic
What was Lady Gaga terrified of as a child?
Angler fish
What are Lady Gaga's parents' names?
Joseph & Cynthia
Lady Gaga's fans are dubbed as ______ ________.
Little Monsters
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