Ultimate Batman

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Last updated: July 13, 2014
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Who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne?
Joe Chill
How old is Bruce when they are killed?
What was the title of the first movie in which the Batman character appeared? (Hint: This movie was NOT authorized by DC.)
Batman, Dracula
The Caped _______
Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #____
What was the title of the first Batman story?
The Case of the Chemical Syndicate
What year did Robin make his first appearance?
The Joker and _________ were the first villains to appear in Batman.
In Superman #76 Superman and Batman team up and discover each other's secret identities. What year was it published?
Who is the longest running actor to play Batman? (Hint: Includes live action, cartoon, video games, etc...)
Kevin Conroy
In what story did the Joker cripple Barbara Gordon in an effort to drive Commissioner Gordon insane?
Batman: The Killing Joke
What character was voted by the fans to die?
Jason Todd
What was the story called?
Batman: A Death In The Family
'Knightfall' story arc introduced what new villain who broke Batman's back?
Who dons the batsuit during his absence?
The effects of what natural disaster in Gotham is the focus of story arc 'No Man's Land'?
The first Holiday killer is married to what supervillain?
Two Face
Who was the final victim KILLED by Hangman?
Alberto Falcone
In Battle for the Cowl Dick Grayson became Batman and who became Robin?
Damian Wayne
During the Batman reboot 'The New 52' Dick Grayson returned to his role as what superhero?
What is the name of Bruce Wayne's fiancee in early comics?
Julie Madison
This villain and his daughter know the secret identity of Batman.
Ra's Al Ghul
Batman leaves the Justice League in 1983 and forms what group of which he is the leader?
After Jason Todd's resurrection he becomes what villain?
Red Hood
In "War Crimes" what villain became the ruler of the Gotham gangs?
Black Mask
Batman, Superman, and what other hero/ine reform the Justice Leage in 'Batman and Son'?
Wonder Woman
What villain is featured in 'Batman R.I.P.'?
Black Glove
Tim Drake takes up what mantle when Dick Grayson wins the 'Battle for the Cowl'?
Red Robin
Bruce Wayne's business manager and technology specialist.
Lucius Fox
Who was the first female Robin?
Carrie Kelly
Stephanie Brown took up several roles including Robin, The Spoiler, and _______.
Who is the first Batman sidekick permitted to use firearms?
On Earth Two Batman has a daughter with Catwoman named ______.
Barbara Gordon's persona while confined to a wheelchair.
The Bat-hound.
Batman was created by Bob Kane and _______.
Bill Finger
This villainous sidekick first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, NOT in a Batman comic.
Harley Quinn
Though usually portrayed as a villain, this character has also aided heroes on occasion due to his differing personalities when he is resurrected.
Solomon Grundy
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