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9442022-04-19Guess the Word and City
8902022-04-02Undeniably 80s Music
7572022-04-06Oscar Best Picture Chain
7132022-04-14Guess the Word and Country
6252021-08-092020 Summer Olympics Trivia
4822022-04-06Oscar Winners Chain
3942021-08-20Word Scramble - Bodies of Water
3472022-02-212022 Winter Olympics Trivia
3062015-09-28Countries and capitals ending with three consonants
1482015-09-25Countries starting and ending with the same letter
1152015-09-26Capitals starting and ending with the same letter
1052021-08-24World Geography True or False
1042015-10-02Capitals ending with two vowels
882015-10-02Countries requiring EU citizens pre-arranged visas
722021-08-23Countries That Have Settled Disputed Areas
512015-10-03Countries without income tax
482015-09-28Largest capital cities + urban vicinity by land area
472015-10-02Countries on the Equator
462021-08-20Word Scramble - Island Names
442022-03-30Oscar Acting Winners for Both Lead and Supporting Roles
432021-09-02World Leaders Who Died In Office
372021-09-10US Politicians A-Z
342021-09-11World Leaders A-Z
282021-09-21World Leaders A-Z (#2)
282021-08-21Country with the...
282021-08-24Country Subdivisions with the Largest Population and Area
252023-02-13World Rivers Chain
242022-04-21North American Cities with Long Names
242021-09-21World Leaders A-Z (#3)
232021-09-16A New York City Itinerary
222021-09-13US State Capitals in Alphabetical Order
202022-04-27Most Common US County Names
172022-05-11United Countries of the World
142021-09-01Tile Select - Politicians
132021-09-01Tile Select - Member Countries
102021-12-16A Quiz About Clouds