Quizzes by JohnFB

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user JohnFB.
# of Quizzes 43
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 6,584
Quizmaker Rank # 2,077
1,5262021-08-05Capitals with Five Letters Quiz
7292020-12-30Countries of Africa - One Minute with an Empty Map
6262021-07-27Random Spanish Words #4
6022020-04-03DLR - Docklands Light Railway Stations
3562020-12-06Words Pertaining to Things #4
3262021-08-16Caribbean Countries with a Map
3032021-07-27Flags of Europe - One Minute Sprint
2912021-07-27Capitals with Four Letters Quiz
2692016-01-13Days of the Week in Western Europe
2512021-08-06Los Vengadores de Marvel
1122021-07-1948 States of The US - One minute sprint
902021-08-06Capitales del Mundo con 5 letras
872021-07-22Countries of Africa - One Minute Sprint (easier)
852021-08-06Capitales del Mundo con 4 letras
812021-07-27Countries of South America - 15 second sprint
712021-08-08Compound Word Capital Name
632020-10-29Planets by pictures
582021-07-23-An Countries: Capital to Country
552021-07-26Days of the Week in Dutch
542016-02-13Months in Western Europe
482022-01-17Loki Laufeyson
472021-07-23-An Country Capitals
412021-07-27Countries of South America - 15 second sprint 'harder'
382020-10-16Central Asia Country and Capital
342021-08-03Months by First and Last Letter
342021-07-16Countries of America - 30 second sprint
342015-07-27London's Oldest Pubs
312021-08-13Faster Typing 1 to 100
302015-08-16Dwarf Planets and their Moons
232021-08-15Countries of the World - 4 minute sprint
222021-08-13Countries of America - One Minute Sprint
212021-07-286 Big Questions of Journalism
212021-07-27Countries of Africa - 30 second Sprint
182020-09-11Wine Varietals of Argentina
162020-09-11Wine Regions of Argentina
92016-07-21Leslie Green Underground Stations
92021-08-15Countries of the World - 5 minute sprint
42021-07-27Space Telescopes
42016-01-1312 months in 30 seconds
32016-01-13Days of the week
12021-07-28Top 10 JetPunk Quizmakers
02020-12-22Lattice Systems