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24,2412019-02-09 British History A-Z
8,6902021-11-26 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
9282021-10-22British History A-Z #2
8442022-04-08Ancient Rome A-Z.
8162018-01-30British Geographic Groups of Things
4812018-01-06Harry Potter the 'marauders' quiz
3232018-01-06Notable Roman Emperors
3192018-02-03Groups: British Popular Music
2262018-01-30Groups of things, history (pretty tough)
2062018-04-08European Groups of Things 4
1732018-02-27Groups of Things Europe
1632018-02-19English Premier League top 4 2000-2010
1392018-02-19English Premier League top 4 2011-2017
1362018-03-01European Groups of Things 2
1302018-03-13European Groups of Things 3
902018-09-26Cold War A-Z
732018-02-27Generals by Battles
672018-09-28Modern Britain A-Z
662018-01-31British cities by population density
652018-02-01Country Groups
652018-02-03Liverpool FC all time top scorers
632018-01-06British goalscorers in Champions League finals
602018-01-06English rivers by county.
602018-01-06Harry Potter 'defence against the dark arts' teachers
442019-01-20English Premier League groups
402018-01-06British Labour party prime ministers
372018-02-27FIFA world cup losing finalists
372018-01-06Biggest English Towns
362018-02-19Countries that drive on the left
352018-01-31Notable Romans
322018-11-29The youngest...
312018-02-27Countries in the tropics with Winter Olympic medals
302018-01-12Books published by George Orwell
302018-01-29Most covered songs
292018-02-03European Capitals of Culture
272018-02-03Capital Cities by lowest elevation (with exceptions)
262018-11-04English football double winners
252018-01-29Most covered musical artists
232018-01-29Biggest Rivers by Discharge
232018-01-29Men who have walked on the moon.
212018-03-31British World Heavyweight Champions
142018-02-18Notable former Americans
142018-12-05Women of war
142018-02-27FIFA World Cup Winning Captains
132018-02-28Countries With Complusory Voting
122018-01-06Sublime albums
72018-02-19Mayor's of London