British History A-Z #2

A sometimes irreverent second look at British History.
Quiz by mrnafe
Last updated: October 22, 2021
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First submittedJanuary 25, 2019
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A) Major English victory in the 100 years war, where the British found their 2 fingered salute
B) Mop headed Liverpudlian rockers, more popular than Jesus according to one of them
C) Slang name for young urban ne'erdowells, often found in baseball caps and walking staffordshire bull terriers
D) French port, site of the evacuation of the Brirish Expeditionary Force (BEF) in 1940
E) Charles Darwin outlines the principles of this in 'on the origin of species'
F) 'We shall _____ on the beaches.... We shall never surrender'
G) Contemperary of Disraeli, this grandiose liberal party politician was prime minister on 4 occasions between 1868-1894
William Gladstone
H) A _____! A _____! My kingdom for a _____! Shakespeares Richard III's desperate plea
I) ________ Kingdom Brunel, notable engineer, bridge builder and all round polymath of the industrial revolution
J) Romeo and ______, Shakespeare's star crossed lovers
K) Unit of temperature measurement which sets its null point at absolute zero (-273°c) named after the British inventor of the scale
L) Charge of the _____ brigade, theirs was but to do and die
M) Maverick field marshall of the North African campaign in WWII
Bernard Montgomery
N) French emperor, spreader of enlightenment ideals, a right bloody nuisance
Napoleon Bonaparte
O) Britains oldest university, one of the oldest in the world
P) Long the centre of the British town life, a community living room, of sorts. The sort that serves beer by the pint
Q) British branch of Christianity which took roots in the new world, William Penn being a particularly famous proponent
R) Slang name for Oliver Cromwells New Model Army
S) This culinary phenomenon was born when a member of the British aristocracy decided he didnt want to leave his gaming table to have his supper, choosing to have it between 2 slices of bread instead
T) Modernising if controversial prime minister of the 1980s, not popular amongst Argentinians...
Margaret Thatcher
U) Collective name for the group of counties in north Ireland and Northern Ireland
V) HRH the Empress of India, wife of a German
W) Scottish independence fighter who led the Scots to victory against the English at the battle of Stirling Bridge
William Wallace
X) Televised singing contest hosted by Simon Cowell, endlessly churning out noisy pop music to a perpetually teenage fanbase
X factor
Y) Siege of ________, decisive American victory in the American revolutionary wars
Z) A native South African tribe who had war forced upon them by the British, despite initail successes they were eventually conquered
Level 69
Feb 7, 2019
Nice quiz, thanks. I liked your first one too. Spelling - inventor not inventer.

Also, I got confused when the surname alone didn't work for the G question. The surname alone worked for the T question, consistency would be good.

Level 59
Apr 27, 2021
Cromwell's army was the 'New Model Army', not 'modern'.
Level 69
Apr 27, 2021
Good quiz, but Dunkerque is in France, not in Belgium.
Level 76
Oct 21, 2021
This still has not been corrected.
Level 81
Apr 27, 2021
Thanks folks, some glaring errors there! Should be ammended and good to go now :)
Level 64
Apr 27, 2021
The Churchill quote for F is "We will fight them on the beaches". Also, the correct title for Queen Victoria is "Her Majesty" rather than HRH.
Level 80
Dec 20, 2022
No to the first, yes to the second.
Level 66
Apr 27, 2021
I tried multiple variations for "Chav" and Quakers" including the exact way it is shown, but did not get either, not sure what the issue is?
Level 62
Apr 27, 2021
Good fun, although you could have put something British for N. November for Guy Fawkes, or Nottingham, for instance. For Y, maybe something with York.
Level 84
Jul 7, 2022
Modernising?? Not my idea of Thatcher...she destroyed British industry.
Level 84
Mar 7, 2023
And yet, you still exist as a nation, and one of the most prosperous ones in the world. Crazy.
Level 68
Jul 8, 2022
My mum is from Bristol and I knew Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but just not how to spell it!
Level 75
Mar 7, 2023
HM not HRH
Level 56
Mar 7, 2023
Neither "chav" nor "quaker" were accepted.
Level 59
Mar 7, 2023
'Brirish' in D lol