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8,8872022-01-13ALL US Cities with Professional Sports Teams
1,2002022-01-1250 Largest Cities in Texas
8812021-12-20Most followed football teams on Instagram
6332022-03-24Busiest Airports by state
4552022-01-12Southern California: Largest Cities
4312022-01-13Northern California: Largest Cities
4142022-02-143 largest cities in each state
3492022-01-12US Counties with population > 1 million
3372021-04-15Largest Interstate Cities
3352014-11-01Boston suburbs
3132016-05-04Los Angeles Freeways & Highways
2982019-06-06Largest City in each Country
2712019-02-26All Utah Cities & Towns
2542022-02-16Top football goal scorers by country
2532022-01-1250 Largest Cities in Utah
2242016-05-04San Diego suburbs
1842022-02-1650 Largest Cities in Washington
1822014-11-01Detroit suburbs
1622021-04-14Most followed footballers on Instagram
1392022-01-1250 Largest Cities in Arizona
1302014-09-06Atlanta suburbs
1212018-03-08US Cities with the most freeways
1172021-05-05FIFA 21 Top Players by Nation
1152016-05-06Largest Cities on US Rivers
1142016-03-11Longest US Rivers by state
1092019-01-04Largest US Cities not on interstates
1032019-09-23Premier League Scorers by Country
962020-11-04Longest Celebrity Relationships
932019-01-28Countries with the most Ski Resorts
852020-11-05Top football (soccer) CAPS leaders by country
812016-05-04Phoenix suburbs
792021-11-08MLS Top Scorers
732020-11-05Largest US Suburbs by City
702016-03-28Steve Martin movies
572017-05-19US states' Largest Border Cities/Towns
532018-05-04Largest Universities by state
432022-01-10Famous People named Anthony
292017-05-09US - Mexico Border crossings
262017-12-14National Football (soccer) team nicknames
232018-12-17Highest Universities in the US
212017-05-02Utah Mountains
192017-09-29Furthest Cities within each state