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25,6712022-06-11 Top U.S. States in Crude Oil Production
1,2682015-07-28Countries with ALL 5 Vowels (A, E, I, O, U) in their name
9942016-09-26Birthplaces of Roman Catholic Popes since 1000 A.D.
9062019-03-20Geography by Letter - X
6122017-02-11Losing Vice Presidential candidates in U.S. Elections since 1948
5282019-12-07Formula 1 Grand Prix Drivers - they TRIED and TRIED, but never a Podium.
4842019-06-06The Liverpool F.C. Anthem
4782019-12-07Formula 1 Grand Prixs - Bridesmaids, never the Bride - 2000s & 2010s
4722019-07-27Football - Kit Makers of English P.L. & Champ. Clubs 2019-20
4652016-06-03Famous Corners on 2016 Formula 1 Circuits
4432015-09-15British Labour Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
4312018-09-10Football - English Premier League - Last Place Teams
4282018-06-05CURRENT (Extant) British Dukedoms
4202019-01-08EXTINCT British Dukedoms
4182018-02-03Countries which have Disappeared since 1950
4052019-08-24Football - English Premier League Shirt Sponsors 2019-20
3302019-07-2024 Hours of Le Mans - Nationalities of Winning Drivers
3152018-09-26World's Leading Coal Producing Countries - 2016
3072016-09-26Birthplaces of Roman Catholic Popes prior to 1000 A.D.
3032018-09-26Largest Cities and Towns in GERMANY by First Letter
2882015-07-24Colourful Counties of U.S.
2782019-07-30Football - Last Place Teams in German Bundesliga
2692015-09-03World Capitals with all 5 VOWELS (A, E, I, O, U) in their names
2572017-04-09Basketball - Highest Salary NBA Player by Team - 2016-17 Season
2542018-03-28Capital Cities Transplanted to U.S.A.
2462018-03-23Highest Numbered Roman Catholic Popes
2442014-09-15Oil Production - World's 20 Largest Crude Oil Producing Companies in 2013
2402019-07-30Football - Turkish Clubs by their Numbers 2019-20
2372019-02-05Oil Production - World's Top Oil Producing Countries 2017
2372014-12-21Seven Sisters of the Oil Industry
2342018-09-26Cycling - Winners of Consecutive Tour de France Individual Stages since 1990
2322019-05-29Largest Cities of IOWA by First Letter
2212019-12-19Original Names of English Premier and Football League teams #1
2202015-08-21Athletics - Nationalities of Men's 100 Metres World Record Holders
2152019-05-13Retired North Atlantic Hurricane Names through 2018
2052018-03-31Birthplaces of Members of Israeli Knesset
2012019-06-04Largest Cities and Towns of WASHINGTON State by First Letter
2002017-04-28Tasty Counties of U.S.A.
1902018-08-31Animals, Birds, Fish & Insects on Crests of English Premier League Clubs 2018-19
1902019-07-30English Football - Mottos on League Club Badges
1822019-12-28National Flags WITHOUT Blue or Red
1802019-07-31Leading U.S. States for Nuclear Power Generation - 2018
1752019-06-10Largest Cities of MINNESOTA by First Letter
1732019-03-04Cycling - Overall Winners of AT LEAST 2 of 3 Grand Tours
1722019-06-10Largest Cities & Villages of MICHIGAN by First Letter
1722018-01-23Place Names in ELVIS PRESLEY Song Titles
1692019-06-06Largest Cities and Villages of ILLINOIS by First Letter
1672019-12-07Formula 1 Grand Prix Drivers - a Century of Starts without a Victory
1672019-03-02Largest Cities and Towns of SOUTH CAROLINA by First Letter
1622018-01-03Largest Cities and Towns in CROATIA by First Letter
1602018-01-23Place Names in BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Song Titles
1602018-09-26Former Names of London UNDERGROUND Stations
1562017-05-01Largest Comuni (Cities and Towns) of ITALY by First Letter
1552018-04-17Destination of Oil Products Exports from USA - 2017
1542019-11-22Germany Football Internationals since 1990 Born OUTSIDE the Country
1532017-06-03Russian Cities by their Former Names
1502019-07-27Football - English Premier Teams 2019-20 by Stands and Ends
1492019-06-04Largest Cities and Towns of VIRGINIA by First Letter
1482015-03-12NASCAR Sprint Cup Race-Winning Makes
1472018-02-19Countries Ending in 2 Vowels EXCLUDING "IA"
1432019-07-12Largest Cities and Towns of MARYLAND by First Letter
1412019-10-02FORMER English Football League Teams
1412019-06-02Largest Municipalities of TEXAS by First Letter
1402017-06-06Largest Municipalities (Kommuns) in SWEDEN by First Letter
1392019-06-26Largest Cities, Towns and Villages of NEW YORK State by First Letter
1382018-09-26Foreign Crude Oil Suppliers to USA - 2017
1372017-06-12Largest Cities & Towns of MASSACHUSETTS in 1850
1362015-04-18Patron Saints of Countries
1342019-05-28Largest Cities and Towns of COLORADO by First Letter
1342015-11-30Billboard - Artists with Most No. 1 Hot 100 Recordings
1342019-02-14Countries with Multiple Time Zones
1342019-06-01Largest Cities and Towns of OKLAHOMA by First Letter
1342017-03-15U.S. First Ladies - Their Birth Surnames #1
1332019-05-28Largest Cities and Towns of CALIFORNIA by First Letter
1322018-09-27TOP 12 U.S. States Ranked by TOTAL Gasoline Consumption 2014
1302019-07-12Largest Cities and Villages of WISCONSIN by First Letter
1282019-06-09FORMER Scottish Football League Teams
1272018-10-12Largest Cities & Towns in BULGARIA by First Letter
1272019-02-06Personal Names in PINK FLOYD Song Titles
1262014-12-29National Anthems #1
1252019-08-22Cricket - England Test Caps born OUTSIDE British Isles #2
1242017-10-21Names of U.K. Cities WITHOUT Repetition of any Letter
1242019-02-13Countries Adopting New Names since 1950
1232019-12-07Formula 1 Grand Prixs - FASTEST RACE LAPS, but never a Podium
1222019-08-01Football - Leading Goalscorers for England by First Letter
1222017-06-12Largest Cities, Towns & Villages of NEW YORK STATE in 1850
1212018-01-12Personal Names in THE BEATLES Song Titles
1192019-05-29Largest Cities, Towns and Villages of FLORIDA by First Letter
1192019-12-07ENGLISH Formula 1 Grand Prix Pole Winners
1182019-06-14Largest Cities and Villages of OHIO by First Letter
1162019-01-03OPEC Members, Past and Present
1142019-06-08Largest Cities of KANSAS by First Letter
1122019-05-27Largest Cities and Towns of ARKANSAS by First Letter
1122017-06-30Foreign-Born Members of U.K. House of Commons (M.P.s)
1122019-06-11Largest Municipalities of NEBRASKA by First Letter
1122019-06-12Largest Municipalities of NEW JERSEY by First Letter
1112017-06-16Largest Municipios in SPAIN by First Letter
1112019-06-06Largest Cities and Towns of INDIANA by First Letter
1112019-12-12Candidate Slogans for 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
1092018-10-25Leading Coal Producing States of U.S.A. - 2017
1092019-06-02Largest Cities and Towns of TENNESSEE by First Letter
1092018-06-14Football - Last Place Teams in Spanish La Liga
1092015-09-07U.S. States with EXACTLY 4 of 5 Vowels in their Name
1082019-11-27MAJOR U.S. Cities with Same Name
1062015-09-06U.S. States with HIGHEST Percentage of Vowels in their Name
1052015-08-11Saintly Counties of U.S.
1052019-05-28Largest Cities and Towns of ARIZONA by First Letter
1042019-06-26Largest Cities and Towns of SOUTH DAKOTA by First Letter
1032017-02-07National Capitals Ending in 2 Vowels
1002015-03-01BOTTOM 10 U.S. States Ranked by PER CAPITA Gasoline Consumption 2014
1002017-06-12Largest Towns of TEXAS in 1850
1002019-12-22Football Shirt Sponsors- Scottish Premiership 2019/20 season
992019-05-30Largest Towns and Cities of MASSACHUSETTS by First Letter
992017-07-15Largest Municipalities in FINLAND by First Letter
992015-02-02Most Popular New Cars in Great Britain 2013
982015-01-24Formula 1 Grand Prixs - Bridesmaids, never the Bride - 1990s
972018-10-12Largest Municipalities in ROMANIA by First Letter
962019-01-19Flagship Flights of International Airlines
952017-06-12Largest Cities, Townships & Boroughs of PENNSYLVANIA in 1850
952016-10-06Summer Olympic Games - All-time Unsuccessful Bidders
942015-10-06Scottish Pro Football League Teams 2015-16 by Stands and Ends
942017-06-12Largest Cities, Towns and Townships of OHIO in 1850
942017-05-30Largest Municipalities in BELGIUM by First Letter
942019-07-17Leading U.S States by Oil Refining Capacity - January 2019
932015-08-30Athletics - Nationalities of Men's 800 Metres World Record Holders
922015-10-07Former Names of English Football & Premier League Stadia
922017-05-04Largest Municipalities in QUEBEC Province by First Letter
912019-02-27Largest Cities of NEVADA by First Letter
912015-01-20National Anthems #2 - Easier than #1
912019-02-14U.S. States with Multiple Time Zones
912019-02-19Cricket - England One-Test Wonders since 1990
892014-11-10Occupational Counties of U.S.A.
892016-03-25Blue and White National Flags
892016-12-2320 Countries with Greatest Minimum Elevation BELOW Sea Level
892017-11-15Former Grounds of Scottish Pro. Football League teams
882019-06-01Largest Cities & Towns of OREGON by First Letter
882019-05-31Largest Municipalities of NORTH CAROLINA by First Letter
882018-09-26Largest Municipalities in NETHERLANDS by First Letter
872019-06-03Largest Cities and Towns of UTAH by First Letter
862017-05-29British Drivers in Indianapolis 500
852019-05-07Football - Welsh Premier League Champions since 1993
842015-03-01TOP 10 U.S. States Ranked by PER CAPITA Gasoline Consumption 2014
842018-03-01Place Names in GEORGE STRAIT Song Titles
842015-05-09British Conservative Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
832019-11-22Football - England One-Cap Wonders - #6 2011 to date
832015-10-10Formula 1 Grand Prix - POLE POSITION, but NO RACE VICTORIES
822019-01-02Largest Cities and Towns of WYOMING by First Letter
812015-08-01Geographical Counties of U.S.
812017-10-23Names of Largest U.S. Cities WITHOUT Repetition of any Letter #1
812019-01-01Former Grounds of English Premier & Football League Teams #2
812018-04-11Formal Names of Current Countries
802019-02-24Largest Cities of NORTH DAKOTA by First Letter
792017-07-20Largest Municipalities in NORWAY by First Letter
782017-05-11Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) - Members and Observers
782019-02-14Countries with "Goofball" Time Zones
772017-11-17NCAA Men's College Basketball - Sponsored Division 1 Arenas
772018-08-31Animals, Birds & Insects on Crests of English Football Championship Clubs 2018-19
772019-05-30Largest Cities and Towns of MONTANA by First Letter
772015-03-07Islands of Europe
762017-06-02Largest Municipalities of PENNSYLVANIA by First Letter
762016-03-25Red and White National Flags
752019-02-13World Capital Cities by LAST 2 LETTERS of their Name
752018-08-25Largest Cities of United States by their LAST Letter
752017-06-16Largest Communes in FRANCE by First Letter
752017-02-11Third Party U.S. Presidential Candidates since 1948 with 1%+ Votes
752016-09-13Roman Towns of England & Wales
742015-08-25Athletics - Nationalities of Men's Pole Vault World Record Holders
732018-12-30Former Grounds of English Premier & Football League Teams #1
732018-01-01Largest Cities in IRAN by First Letter
722019-05-28Largest Cities and Towns of ALABAMA by First Letter
712017-04-23U.S. Commercial Airports Named for People #1
712018-03-12Personal Names for European Airports
712019-05-29Largest Cities of IDAHO by First Letter
712015-06-1424 Hours of Le Mans - Winning BRITISH Drivers since World War II
702015-08-22Athletics - Nationalities of Men's Javelin World Record Holders
692018-09-26Largest Cities and Towns in INDIA by First Letter
692017-10-17NCAA College Football - Sponsored FBS Stadia & Fields
672019-07-10Largest Cities and Towns of VERMONT by First Letter
672015-03-11Texas - Counties and County Seats which don't Match!
662019-11-22Scotland International Footballers since 1946 Born OUTSIDE United Kingdom
662019-06-04Largest Municipalities of WEST VIRGINIA by First Letter
652018-09-26Largest Municipalities in the PHILIPPINES by First Letter
652019-11-22Football - Scotland One-Cap Wonders - #6 2000 to date
652018-09-05Largest U.S. Cities with ONLY 1 OF 5 Vowels in their Name
642017-06-13Largest Cities, Towns and Villages of WISCONSIN in 1850
642015-09-01U.S. States with ALTERNATING Vowels and Consonants in their Name
632015-08-26Athletics - Nationalities of Men's 10,000 Metres World Record Holders
622019-06-10Largest Municipalities of MISSOURI by First Letter
612017-05-06Largest Municipalities in BRITISH COLUMBIA by First Letter
602019-04-30Car Manufacturer Emblems
602015-09-09Athletics - Nationalities of Women's 100 Metres World Record Holders
592018-04-23Football - Last Place Teams in Russian Premier League
582019-10-24MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL No.1 Draft Picks who NEVER Played in League
572019-05-29Largest Municipalities of KENTUCKY by First Letter
562015-09-06U.S. States with LOWEST Percentage of Vowels in their Name
562018-12-30Leading U.S. States for Wind ElectricIty Generation - 2017
562019-06-15Largest Cities and Towns of RHODE ISLAND by First Letter
532019-08-02Football - Netherlands Clubs by their Numbers
532019-06-05Largest Municipalities of CONNECTICUT by First Letter
522015-08-16Tribal Counties of U.S. #1 - A to M
522019-07-19Largest Local Municipalities in ONTARIO by First Letter
522019-05-31Largest Municipalities of NEW MEXICO by First Letter
512019-03-04Current Slogans on U.S. State License Plates
512019-07-29Largest Municipalities of MAINE by First Letter
512016-11-04Golfing Counties of U.S.A. - The (British) Open Championship edition
512016-12-17Beans of the World
502019-01-02Former Names of PARIS Metro Stations
502017-01-04Destination of U.S. Coal Exports 2015
502017-07-25Largest Urban Municipalities in ALBERTA by First Letter
492016-03-30Losing Vice Presidential candidates in U.S. Elections 1900-1944
492017-02-27Smallest Landlocked Countries of the World
482015-08-21Welsh Town Names
482018-09-26Largest Communes in CHILE by First Letter
462018-03-27Personal Names for Asian Airports
452017-01-29Capital Cities which Changed their Name #1 - Modern Changes
442018-02-27Place Names in HANK WILLIAMS JR. Song Titles
442019-02-15Largest Municipalities in NEW BRUNSWICK by First Letter
422015-10-03English Premier & Football Leagues - Sponsored Stadia 2015-16
422018-09-26Destination of Crude Oil Exports from USA in 2017
422018-11-02U.S. City Mass Transit Systems
422015-01-24Formula 1 Grand Prixs - Bridesmaids, never the Bride - 1970s
422019-05-27Largest Cities and Municipalities of ALASKA by First Letter
412017-02-27Largest Landlocked Countries of the World
412017-06-11Weapons on National Flags
402018-08-26Former Names of English Premier and Football League teams #2
402015-03-07Nations and their Islands
402017-09-08Major U.S. Cities & their Adjoining Municipalities #1
392014-11-30Formula 1 Grand Prixs - Bridesmaids, never the Bride - 1960s
392015-03-19NASCAR Sprint Cup - Makes which NEVER Won a Race
392015-06-24English Premier and Football League teams formed by Merger
392018-08-26Most Similar MAJOR U.S. City Names
392015-03-20NASCAR Sprint Cup - Racetracks from the Early Era (1949-1955)
382016-09-13Former Names of U.S. Cities #1
372015-09-11Words on World Flags
372017-09-10Athletics - Nationalities of Men's Long Jump World Record Holders
372019-05-30Largest Municipalities of MISSISSIPPI by First Letter
362017-06-06Largest Municipalities in DENMARK by First Letter
352020-01-03G20 Summit Meetings - Locations
352018-10-10Former Nicknames in U.S. College Sports
352019-01-09Cricket - England One-ODI Wonders since 1990
342015-05-18Oil Fields of the World #1
332018-12-30Place Names in JONI MITCHELL Song Titles
332018-02-13Largest Cities & Towns in GHANA by First Letter
332018-09-05Largest U.S. Cities with 4 OF 5 VOWELS in their Name
332017-05-31Airline Frequent Flyer Programs
332017-07-22Largest Municipalities in AUSTRIA by First Letter
322018-09-26Largest Municipalities in TUNISIA by First Letter
322019-11-23National Leaders in Office OUTSIDE their Birth Country
322018-10-12Largest Cities, Towns and Villages of DELAWARE by First Letter
322019-02-22Personal Names in THE MONKEES Song Titles
312019-01-01Place Names in DOLLY PARTON Song Titles
312019-10-13Football - Italian Clubs by their Numbers - 2019-20 season
312015-03-11Formula 1 Grand Prixs - Bridesmaids, never the Bride - 1950s
312018-09-26Largest Municipalities in LUXEMBOURG by First Letter
302015-11-08National Parliaments of Europe - #1 Unicameral
302017-03-03English Football - Founder Members of Alliance Premier League
302017-09-08Major U.S. Cities & their Adjoining Municipalities #2
292018-12-30Former Names of SCOTLAND Railway Stations
282015-02-07Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources 2012
282015-10-28Former State Capitals of United States - States A to M
272019-02-04Former Names of BERLIN U-Bahn Stations
272019-02-04Former Names of NEW YORK CITY Subway Stations - MANHATTAN
272015-11-08Football - Russian Clubs by their Numbers
262015-09-06Athletics - Nationalities of Men's 110 Metres Hurdles World Record Holders
262019-04-24Rappers by their Birth Names
262018-12-30Former Names of BIRMINGHAM AREA Railway Stations
262016-09-29U.S. State Governors since 1900 born outside U.S.A. - #1 A to M
262018-10-05Dubious Nicknames of U.S.A. Cities, Towns & Villages
252014-09-16Oil Production - 15 Largest U.S. Based Producers in 2013
252015-11-16LARGE CITIES & small cities - Namesake Cities of United States
242015-03-15NASCAR - Sprint Cup Drivers with Great Nicknames but No Wins
242018-04-08Large U.S. Cities and their Adjoining Municipalities #3
242015-08-14"But They Weren't Born Here!" Counties of U.S. #1 - A to F
242017-10-17National Capitals' Names with One Letter Used AT LEAST 4 Times
242017-02-10Animals on Coats of Arms of German States
242017-10-23Names of Large U.S. Cities WITHOUT Repetition of any Letter #2
222018-04-12Midsize U.S. Cities and their Adjoining Municipalities #4
222017-09-11Athletics - Nationalities of Men's 200 Metres (Turn) World Record Holders
222017-04-23U.S. Commercial Airports Named for People #2
222015-10-28Former State Capitals of United States - States N to W
222017-09-27Largest Uninhabited Islands of the World
212017-09-18Athletics - Nationalities of Women's Javelin World Record Holders
212016-09-13Former Names of U.S. Cities #2
212018-02-19Personal Names in FLEETWOOD MAC Song Titles
212015-02-06Animals and Wildlife on National Coats of Arms - #5 Oceania & more Africa
202019-08-03Edible Berries
192017-10-21Names of Large Canadian Cities WITHOUT Repetition of any Letter
192015-11-08National Parliaments of Europe - #2 Bicameral
192019-10-25Most Similar National Capital Names
192015-11-09Football - Belgian Clubs by their Numbers
182015-11-29College Football - Named Rivalries but No Trophy
172015-09-25Football - Top Leagues of Asia #1
172018-12-30Former Names of SOUTH LONDON Railway Stations
162015-09-01Indian States with ALTERNATING Vowels and Consonants in their names
162016-03-29Animals, etc. on Coats of Arms of British Overseas Territories
152016-03-10Populations - U.S. States and Countries - #1
152019-02-19Place Names in FLEETWOOD MAC Song Titles
142018-09-29"World Capitals" - California Edition
142016-09-20Former Names of U.S. Cities #3
132015-09-24Football - Top Leagues of Africa #1
132015-10-13Football - Second Level Leagues of Asia
132017-01-18Wildlife on Coats of Arms of Canadian Provinces & Territories
132017-03-03National Flags displaying Multiple Crosses
122015-04-19Products Yields of U.S. Oil Refineries 2014
122015-06-10Oil & Gas Fields of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
122018-02-08Cricket - West Indies Test Caps Born OUTSIDE the Region
112015-09-24Football - Top Leagues of Africa #2
112018-09-24Former Names of London OVERGROUND Stations
102016-09-21Former Names of U.S. Cities #4
102019-10-26Former Sponsors of NHL & NBA Arenas
102015-02-06Animals and Birds on National Coats of Arms - #4 Africa
92016-03-10Populations - U.S. States and Countries - #2
92015-11-01U.K. Oilfields - Top 16 All-time Leading Producers since 1975
92015-11-29College Football - Rivalry Trophies #2
92018-02-17Australia Rugby Union Debutants 2001 to 2009 Born OUTSIDE the Country
82018-12-30Former Names of REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Railway Stations
72018-12-26Retired Australian Cyclone Names through 2017-18 Season
62018-02-19Personal Names in JOAN BAEZ Song Titles
52018-12-30Former Names of WELSH BORDERS Railway Stations
52015-02-01Leading Crude Oil Production Fields of U.K. - October 2014
42019-01-02Retired Eastern & Central Pacific Hurricane Names through 2017
42018-12-30Former Names of HOME COUNTIES Railway Stations
32015-06-06Oil & Gas Fields of Gulf of Mexico #1
32018-02-19Place Names in JOAN BAEZ Song Titles