Bloodborne - Multiple choice

A little Quiz about one of my favorite games. I
Quiz by Mirkes87
Last updated: October 20, 2020
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1. Which badge do you need to unlock the Tonitrus in the messenger's shop?
Wheel Hunter Badge
Sword Hunter Badge
Spark Hunter Badge
Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge
2. ^ which Boss must be defeated to get this badge?
Darkbeast Paarl
None. You get it from a NPC after completing his quest
One Reborn
None. Can be found on a dead body in Hypogean Gaol/Yahar'gul
3. What must happen in the Game to have access to Hypogean Gaol/Yahar'gul before killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider?
The player must be killed by a Brainsucker.
The player must be killed by a Snatcher.
The player must be killed by a Bloodlicker.
The player must be killed by a Church Servant.
4. Which of these Chalice Dungeon bosses can be found in the regular Game?
Abhorrent Beast
Undead Giant
Bloodletting Beast
None of these can be found in the regular game
In the regular game, he is the Suspicious Beggar. When you attack him, he will turn into the Abhorrent beast.
5. Which Weapons/Hunter tools/items are unlocked in the Messengers shop, when you get the Cainhurst Badge?
Evelyn, Rosmarinus, Cainhurst Set
Chikage, Numbing Mist, Knight's Set
Chikage, Knight's Set, Evelyn
Chikage, Numbing Mist, Evelyn
Rosmarinus > Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge, Knight's set can only be found in the Castle.
6. Complete the Boss name: __________ Logarius.
Master Logarius
Martyr Logarius
Magister Logarius
Malformed Logarius
7. Which NPC can be summoned for the fight against Vicar Amelia?
none of this three
8. From who in the game is this dialogue: "A meek and faded thing, but 'twill guide thee nonetheless"?
Gehrman, the first Hunter
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
It's not from Bloodborne, but from Dark Souls 3
Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
The dialogue is from Sister Friede.
9. Which of these Weapons has not a S-Skaling on an attribute when fully ugdraded (+10)?
Logarius Wheel
Kos Parasite
Rakuyo's highest skaling is A
10. Which type of enemy is the Nightmare Executioner (DLC)?
Not Kin, nor Beast
Great One
11. Which one of these answers is wrong:
You get the "Radiance" rune from Alfred, the Executioner.
You get the "Corruption" rune from Annalise, Duchesse of the Vilebloods.
You get the "Hunter" rune from Eileen the Crow.
You get the "Milkweed" rune from Saint Adeline in the Research Hall.
The correct title of Annalise is Queen and not Duchesse ^^
12. Which Headstone in the Hunter' Dream must be touched to enter the "Graveyard of the Darkbeast" location?
Yharnam Headstone
Frontier Headstone
Unseen Headstone
Nightmare Headstone
13. The Oedon Chapel Dweller asks you to find people looking for a safe place. How many survivors can you send to the Chapel?
1.Old Woman 2.Violas/Gascoigne younger dauther 3.Skeptical Man 4.Adella 5.Arianna 6.Suspicious Beggar
14. When was Bloodborne released in North America?
march 24 2015
march 25 2015
march 26 2015
march 27 2015
15. Which of these isn't a Chalice Dungeon material
Blooming Coldblood Flower
Living String
Yellow Headbone
Pearl Slug
Yellow Backbone is a material. But Headbone not ^^
16. The designer's name is:
Hideo Miyazaki
Hideya Miyazaki
Hidetaka Miyazaki
Hidemi Miyasaki
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