World's Hardest Harry Potter Quiz

Felix Felicis won't help you here...
Quiz by NathanielMcVeagh
Last updated: October 27, 2017
First submittedOctober 27, 2017
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What was the name of the Ministry employee who visited the Gaunt's and was accosted by Morfin?
Bob Ogden
What form does Ron Weasley's patronus take?
Jack Russell Terrier
What is the name of the book Hermione summons from Dumbledore's office after his funeral?
Secrets of the Darkest Arts
What is the name of the African school of magic?
How did Peeves greet the students on their arrival to Hogwarts in Harry's fourth year?
By dropping water bombs on them
Who said "have a biscuit, Potter?"
Minerva McGonagall
What was Snape's mother's name?
Eileen Prince
Who did Draco have under the Imperius Curse for most of the duration of his sixth year?
Madam Rosmerta
Murtlap essence is extremely good for what?
Healing cuts
Ludo Bagman played for what Quidditch team?
Wimbourne Wasps
A sign outside the Lovegood house asks people to keep off the what?
Dirigible Plums
What two subjects does Hermione drop during her third year?
Divination and Muggle Studies
Who murdered Helena Ravenclaw?
The Bloody Baron
Who did Harry first successfully use the Cruciatus Curse on?
Amycus Carrow
What did Ginny give Harry for his 17th birthday?
A kiss
Level 33
Nov 2, 2020
I got 5 so it isn't impossible but is hard