Famous People A to M + Nato Code A to M

Single name beginning with the Letter will suffice: NATO phonetic code for each given Letter:
Not in any order of imagined importance:
Just a selection, 6 for each letter:
The Hints are just that, to help with the starting letter:
6 seconds per answer:
Quiz by Malbaby
Last updated: December 4, 2020
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A ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
First on the Moon
Armstrong, Neil
Patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Famous Boxer
Ali, Muhammad
Queen of France 1774 - 1793 (let them eat cake)
Antoinette, Marie
Pride and Prejudice
Austen, Jane
B------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Composer / Musician father of 20
Bach, J.S.
Deaf Composer / musician
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Athlete, 4 minute miler, Neurologist.
Bannister, Roger
First Automobile, 1886
Benz, Karl
WWW The World Wide Web
Berners-Lee, Tim
Television 1926 and colour TV first.
Baird, John Logie
C------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
"We shall never surrender"
Churchill, Winston
"Veni, vidi vici"
Caesar, Julius
Tilting at Windmills
Cervantes, Miguel de
Silent movie star, the little tramp
Chaplin, Charlie
Composer - Polish
Chopin, Frederic
Queen of Egypt
D ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Mickey Mouse
Disney, Walt
Robinson Crusoe
Defoe, Daniel
No spark for his Engine?
Diesel, Rudolf
Adventures in Wonderland
Dodgson, Charles
Athos, Porthos, Aramis
Dumas, Alexandre
Darwin, Charles
E ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Lost in the Pacific?
Earhart, Amelia
1,000 Patents+
Edison, Thomas
Einstein, Albert
The virgin Queen
Elizabeth I
WW2 Supreme Commander / President
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
He was the first known European to have discovered North America
Eriksson, Leif
F ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Electromagnetic Induction = Generation of Electricity
Faraday, Michael
Chess was his game
Fischer, Bobby
Model T
Ford, Henry
Fleming, Alexander
Kite flying inventor
Franklin, Benjamin
Pioneer of Pyschoanalysis
Freud, Sigmund
G ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
First human in space
Gagarin, Yuri
Italian scientist with a Telescope.
Galileo, Galilei
French painter on Tahiti
Gauguin, Paul
Father of India, Assassinated 1949
Gandhi, Mohandas
Invented vulcanised rubber in 1844 - still used in tires / tyres
Goodyear, Charles
Father of modern Russia and last leader of Soviet Russia
Gorbachev, Mikhail
H ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Built a wall across Britain
Hadrian, Publius
Houdini, Harry
A Comet named after this Astronomer
Halley, Edmond
A Brief History of Time
Hawking, Stephen
King, Warrior, Musician and father of Elizabeth I
Henry VIII
The Iliad and The Odyssey
I ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Peer Gynt
Ibsen, Henrik
Terrible first Tsar of Russia
Financed Colombus, mother of Catherine of Aragon
Isabella, Queen of Castile
Rip van Winkle
Irving, Washington
Flew too close to the sun (also name of farthest single star visible)
30 pieces of Silver?
Iscariot, Judas
J ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Declaration of Independence
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenner, Edward
Maid of Orleans
Joan of Arc
Of Nazareth
Mrs Napoleon
The seventh month of the year:
Julius Caesar
K ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Pirate who was hung twice!
Kidd, William
Ode to a Nightingale
Keats, John
Foundation for the Blind
Keller, Helen
PT- 109
Kennedy, J.F.
Mongol Empire Builder
Khan, Genghis
I have a dream
King, Martin Luther
L ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Lennon, John
Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
French father of Chemistry
Lavoisier, Antoine
Gettysburg Address
Lincoln, Abraham
Protestant reformer
Luther, Martin
Spirit of St. Louis
Lindbergh, Charles
M ------------ NATO phonetic alphabet
Around the World
Magellan, Ferdinand
Prisoner on Robben Island for 27 years
Mandella, Nelson
The father of Radio
Marconi, Guglielmo
Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Winnie the Pooh
Milne A.A.
Water Lilies
Monet, Claude
Level 68
Apr 4, 2018
Does NATO really spell it Alfa? I tried Alpha without success.

Good quiz.

Level 70
Apr 5, 2018
My mistake not giving Alpha as well as Alfa. Some times it is given one way, sometimes the other. I prefer Alpha myself. (now changed to both)
Level 70
Apr 24, 2018
For 'Famous People N to Z + NATO code".........here it is
Level 37
May 21, 2019
Why didn't you accept Caeser or Julius Caeser for "veni, vidi, vici?"
Level 70
May 21, 2019
Because you spelt CAESAR incorrectly.
Level 37
May 26, 2019
No, I didn't. I spelled exactly as I did here.
Level 70
May 26, 2019
'divantilya' try Caesar ending ar and not er.
Level 71
Dec 4, 2020
Gauguin is spelled incorrectly, it should be "Gauguin" and not "Gaugin"
Level 70
Dec 4, 2020
Quite right, fixed thanks.