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The answer to questions 2 to 20 are derived from the previous answer.
Read the clue and refer back to the previous answer for another clue:
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If multiple answers for any question, you have to guess which is correct.
Quiz by Malbaby
Last updated: February 9, 2018
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First submittedJuly 27, 2017
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1) Country between Uruguay and Chile?
2) Number of 'vowels' in 'Answer 1'?
3) In which sport is 'Answer 2' shouted as an Alarm?
4) Which metal's name starts with the first 3 letters of 'Answer 3'?
5) Name one of the 2 James Bond movies that use the 'Answer 4' in their One Word Titles?
Goldfinger / GoldenEye
6) The 4th letter of your answer to Question 5 is the first letter of what canine animal?
7) What is the Greek Letter equivalent to the first letter of 'Answer 6'?
8) Which river has the largest flow past it's 'Answer 7'?
9) In which country is the mouth of the 'Answer 8'?
10) What common metal alloy starts with the first 3 letters of 'Answer 9'?
11) What metal is mixed with Zinc to make 'Answer 10'?
12) What is the Periodic Symbol for 'Answer 11'?
13) What Dutch Caribbean Island's name starts with 'Answer 12'?
14) The first 3 letters of 'Answer 13' refer to what mixed-breed animal?
15) Which Star is known as the 'Answer 14' Star?
16) 'Answer 15' is famously the '*********' Star in the sky, (begin with B) ?
17) Count letters in 'Answer 16'. Which letter of the alphabet is at that number?
18) What world Capital City begins with 'Answer 17'?
19) What animal is derived from 'Answer 18's 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th letter?
20) What Country is nearest to Cyprus beginning with 'Answer 19s' first letter?
Level 85
Jul 27, 2017
The Man with the Golden Gun. GoldenEye.
Level 71
Jul 27, 2017
Your correct kempo, the 'one word' now makes the difference.
Level 84
Feb 8, 2018
Good quiz. GoldenEye is stylized as one word, just like Goldfinger.
Level 71
Feb 8, 2018
Will work for either now.
Level 59
Jul 27, 2017
Also, "If multiple answers for any question, you have to guess which is correct"
Level 59
Jul 27, 2017
Good one!
Level 71
Jul 27, 2017
Yeah, kills off the nitpickers straight away he he
Level 72
Oct 17, 2020
As I write this, 98% got question 2, but only 96% got question 1... My brain has just applied for a vacation...
Level 67
Jul 27, 2021
Funny I got gold but still couldn't come up with golf
Level 67
Oct 31, 2022
Fun idea, could have used a bit more time though.
Level 84
Oct 31, 2022
Was disappointed when "finger" and "eneye" didn't work for 5. The "gold" part was assumed.
Level 30
May 15, 2023
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA wow this is hard, love it