Geography One

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Quiz by Malbaby
Last updated: April 5, 2020
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First submittedNovember 4, 2017
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1) Salsette Island is part of which country?
2) What is the only Island shared by 3 Countries?
3) The capital city of Serbia is?
4) Poland is one of 9 countries bordering which Sea?
5) Known as the 'Savage Mountain' what is the 2nd 'Highest Mountain' in the world?
6) What is the nearest 'mainland' African country to Madagascar?
7) What is the name of the molten rock etc. in the 'Earths Mantle' that is called 'Lava' on the surface after a volcanic eruption?
8) Which capital city is furthest North out of ....... Tunis, Damascus or Kathmandu?
9) In which country is the massive burning gas-crater 'Darvaza' , (called the 'Gates to Hell)?
10) Which country was once the kingdom of the 'Queen of Sheba'?
11) Which capital city is nearest to both 0.00 degrees longitude and 0.00 latitude?
Accra, Ghana
12) What is the largest island administered by China?
13) Montevideo is the capital of which country?
14a) Niagara Falls lie between which 2 Lakes?
14b) " "
15) What is the name given to a 'Bound Collection of Maps'?
16) What is the Third (3rd) longest river in the world?
17) What is the opposite of the term 'Windward'?
18) What is the name of the mountain range that stretches from Maine to Georgia in the USA?
19) Which European country's currency is called the 'Kuna' (kn)?
20) What is the name given to 'A Fertile Spot in a Desert where water is found'?
Level 66
Nov 5, 2017
Great Quiz!
Level 66
Nov 5, 2017
I missed Oasis....
Level 66
Dec 3, 2017
Nice Set of Questions!
Level 70
Dec 3, 2017
Thanks, try Two and Three :o)
Level 56
Dec 12, 2017
nice quiz man
Level 70
Dec 12, 2017
Thanks, try Number Two it is
Level 42
Jul 19, 2018
Nice quiz
Level 76
Nov 5, 2018
Time's a bit short. Especially considering question 2, which I didn't even bother thinking about since it would've taken like half the time given.
Level 70
Nov 5, 2018
I agree 'Ferbin' ....... so I have changed Question 2 to a more reasonable question:
Level 59
Nov 6, 2018
Timer is way too short, AT LEAST one minute should be added.

Also, question 12 is imprecise for obvious reasons.

Level 70
Nov 6, 2018
Thanks.....I've added a minute. I do not think question 12 is imprecise as I cannot find another island (larger then the answer) that China administers, can you?
Level 58
May 28, 2021
speaking about Taiwan

so.... that's that

Level 67
Apr 4, 2020
Nominated, also "tunis" is in the question even though it is also the answer. Did you mean, "tunisia"?
Level 70
Apr 4, 2020
Hi 'EM'....... The question is asking which of the 3 given capital cities is furthest North, only one is correct.
Level 29
Jul 16, 2020
Level 70
Jul 16, 2020
"Colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”. ~Oscar Wilde
Level 80
Sep 14, 2020
Why is this quiz not featured?
Level 23
Apr 9, 2021
how did only 19% of people get #11
Level 22
Jun 25, 2021
Great Britain is shared by England, Scotland and Wales

For "What is the only Island shared by 3 Countries?"

Level 75
Jul 10, 2021
Great questions, I really liked this quiz.

I think a few of them could be tidied up a bit though:

- #3 (make it a question, like #13)

- #7 (shorten it!)

- #8 (interesting, but you can just type them all and get it... How about, "Name an African capital that lies further north than Damascus." - accepting Tunis, Algiers, Rabat. Not exactly what you were hoping to point out, I know...)

- #11 (I kinda get this one, and it's really good, but the capitals of a few countries are closer to the equator, so maybe it should ask for the capital closest to "the point 0.00 lat, 0.00 long")

- #2 / #4 / #5 / #14 / #16 (use words for low numbers: "three", "two", "third" - no need to put "3rd" in parentheses, etc)

- #Various (random capitalisations bother me - #20 is an example!)

I'm only suggesting some minor edits to your excellent quiz - sincerely thanks for the work you put in to it, I enjoyed it a lot!

Level 70
Jul 14, 2021
Are you related to my old English Teacher? :o)
Level 81
Jan 12, 2023
Time for an update, the Kuna has been replaced by the Euro :)