Mal's General Knowledge 11

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Quiz by Malbaby
Last updated: April 28, 2021
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First submittedMay 19, 2015
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Two USA States border 8 other States, one is Tennessee, what is the other
By what name is 'Rap Artist' Robert Van Winkle better known
Vanilla Ice
Wellington is the capital of which country
New Zealand
Who wrote 'The Moonstone' generally considered the first full length detective novel in the English language.
Wilkie Collins
The normal adult human has how many bones in their body
What is the diameter of a Basketball Hoop In inches or centimetres (approx.)
18 " / 45.7 cm
What is made from silica, soda and lime
Who was known as the 'Sun King'
Louis XIV
How many players per side in a game of 'Cricket'
What comes next in the sequence H, He, Li, Be, B, .............
C (carbon)
Which renegade gladiator led a slave revolt against Rome in 71BC
Ossification is the process of forming what substance
Who said "God is really just another artist"
Pablo Picasso
What is the fossilised resin of Pine Trees called
Myxomatosis killed millions of which animal
The Kalahari Desert is partly in Namibia and which other country
Who was featured on the cover of the very first 'Rolling Stone' magazine
John Lennon
How tall (in centimetres) is a 'Barbie Doll'
Who was the only actor from 'MASH' to serve as a soldier in the Korean War
Jamie Farr / Klinger
What is a male ballet dancer called
Danseur noble
Level 63
Mar 26, 2021
You should accept 25 too, since "in centimetres" is already said in the question. Also, isn't "The Notting Hill Mystery" the first English detective novel?
Level 70
Mar 26, 2021
Thanks........Yes 25 is accepted now: After reading up on these novels I think 'The Moonstone' is considered the first FULL LENGTH detective novel, I have changed the wording as such:
Level 81
Apr 28, 2021
Hi Mal, it wouldn't accept Louis 14. I had to type Louis XIV.
Level 70
Apr 28, 2021
Does now accept Louis 14 :o)
Level 50
Apr 7, 2024
A "danseur noble" doesn't just refer to any male ballet dancer. It means a male dancer at a very high level and/or the male equivalent to the prima ballerina:

The generic term for a male ballet dancer would be "ballerino" (or just "danseur" if you're speaking French):