Mal's General Knowledge 19

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Quiz by Malbaby
Last updated: August 9, 2016
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First submittedMarch 19, 2016
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Which was the first U.S. State to declare its secession from the Union December 20, 1860
South Carolina
What word means 'Third from the End'
Asuncion is the Capital of which Country
What does the 'A' in DNA stand for
What is the opposite of 'Zenith'
Which Country starting with 'A' has a coastline on the Caspian Sea
What is the distance of the Football (soccer) penalty spot from the goal line in Feet or Metres
11m / 36ft
Who Composed the the Opera 'Carmen'
Georges Bizet
Where would you be most likely to find a 'Proscenium Arch'
What is believed to be Shakespeare's first play (1590-1)
Henry VI
Which piece in Chess can only move along Rank & File but never Diagonally
Castle / Rook
In the Human Body where is 'Bile Stored'
"A Man a Plan a Canal, Panama" an example of a what?
Rodin's Statue 'The Thinker, is actually a portrait of which Poet
Which Dog has the best Eyesight
In Roman Mythology, Neptune is the equivalent to which Greek God
Who Composed the wedding march "Here comes the Bride"
Richard Wagner
Which Mountain overlooks Rio De Janeiro and its Harbour
Sugar Loaf
What is another name for a Wildebeest
Which of the 5 Great Lakes of US & Canada is farthest East
Level 56
Mar 19, 2016
Wildebeest is actually called gnu.
Level 71
Mar 19, 2016
Ha, Ha, The smallest answer in any of my quizzes and I made a typo........ Thanks Hepsuli
Level 86
Aug 8, 2016
Enjoyed the quiz! I've been trying several of yours. A couple of suggestions: 1) "its" harbor -- possessive pronoun, not abbreviation for "it is." 2) for Americans, please accept "theater." 3) Check spelling of "Mendelssohn," maybe allow a few misspellings. Also, Richard Wagner wrote a wedding march which is at least as famous as Mendelssohn's.
Level 71
Aug 8, 2016
Thanks 'FentonsDad'....... have used a couple of your suggestions. I already had 8 different spellings of Mendelssohn on that question, you can't cater for everything, likewise I already had 6 different answers down for theatre but not theater. It is all good fun.