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Last updated: December 4, 2018
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What is Hulk Hogan's real name?
Terry Bollea
Hogan's famous theme song "Real American" was originally written for what tag team wrestlers?
The U.S. Express
What famous rock musician performed the song?
Rick Derringer
Who did Hogan defeat to win his first WWF Championship?
The Iron Sheik
Hulk Hogan's first title reign lasted 1,474 days. Who finally defeated him?
André the Giant
Who was Hogan's tag team partner at the first Wrestlemania?
Mr. T
What actor did Hogan choke out on the talk show Hot Properties, when the actor asked Hogan to demonstrate one of his wrestling moves?
Richard Belzer
Hogan formed a team called the Mega Powers with what other wrestler?
Macho Man Randy Savage
In Hogan's first film role, he plays a character named Thunderlips in what movie?
Rocky III
Which Intercontinental Champion defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania VI?
The Ultimate Warrior
Hogan's role in what movie led to wrestling matches against his co-star Zeus?
No Holds Barred
Who did Hogan defeat at Wrestlemania IX to win the WWF Championship, moments after that person defeated Bret Hart?
Which years did Hulk Hogan win the Royal Rumble?
What year did Hogan sign with World Championship Wrestling?
At what event in 1996 did Hogan join Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the NWO?
Bash at the Beach
What additional nickname did Hulk Hogan acquire while in the NWO?
Who laid down and let Hogan pin them after a finger poke to the chest?
Kevin Nash
What Jimi Hendrix song did Hogan use as an entrance theme in WCW and WWE?
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Who did Hogan face in a dream match at Wrestlemania X8?
The Rock
For a brief period in 2003, Hogan wore a mask and competed under what alias?
Mr. America
Who inducted Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame?
Sylvester Stallone
What was the name of VH1's reality show focusing on Hogan and his family?
Hogan Knows Best
What media and celebrity blog leaked a sex tape of Hogan, resulting in their getting sued and being ordered to pay $115 million in damages to Hogan?
Level 36
Jul 18, 2018
Hogan choked out Belzer?
Level 66
Jul 19, 2018
Level 36
Jul 19, 2018
Saw the video. That incident was ridiculous. Hulk Hogan didn't realize that he caused Richard Belzer to pass out ? Then he releases him and boom! he falls to the floor. Hogan still didn't know something was wrong when he had to help him up. I thought it was a work at first. Then i saw the blood on the floor where Belzers head was and then it became real.
Level 66
Jul 23, 2018
I do find it a little hard to believe that Hogan dropped Belzer to the ground by accident, and didn't realize he had passed out. He knew perfectly well what a sleeper hold does to someone, that's why he demonstrated it. But I also don't feel that bad for Belzer because he was being a jerk.