Pro Wrestling specialty matches

Name this special kind of wrestling match, based on the description provided.
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Last updated: December 4, 2018
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30 (or more) wrestlers enter the ring at timed intervals, and are eliminated from the match by leaving the ring over the top rope and having both feet touch the floor.
Royal Rumble
To win, a wrestler must render their opponent unable to stand up before the referee counts to 10.
Last Man Standing
Wrestlers try to score the most points by pinfall or submission within a specified time limit, usually 60 minutes.
Iron Man Match
The ring is surrounded by flames. To win, a wrestler must set their opponent on fire.
Inferno Match
The ring is surrounded by a large metal structure. Two wrestlers start the match, but four more are released from enclosed pods at timed intervals. The winner is the last person eliminated.
Elimination Chamber
A prize of some sort is suspended on a chain above the ring, and wrestlers must climb a ladder to reach it.
Ladder Match
A specialized version of the above, in which the prize is a contract for a championship match that can be cashed in at any time over the next year.
Money in the Bank Ladder Match
A wrestler must make their opponent bleed in order to win.
First Blood Match
To win the match, a wrestler must get their opponent to verbally give up by saying two specific words.
I Quit Match
In this match, a wrestler may win by making their opponent's body crash through a wooden table.
Table Match
Wrestlers may use the three objects listed in the name of this match as weapons. A prize may be suspended above the ring to be claimed as well.
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
The ring is surrounded by two cages made of sharpened bamboo poles.
Punjabi Prison Match
The ring is surrounded by metal walls (either steel bars or fencing), which wrestlers may climb over to escape the ring and win the match.
Steel Cage Match
The ring is surrounded by metal walls as above, then a second set of walls outside of those. In between the two structure, a group of "vicious" dogs make it unsafe for wrestlers to come near.
Kennel from Hell Match
The ring is surrounded by larger metal walls and a metal roof in order to keep the wrestlers in (or keep others out). Somehow, the wrestlers often get out or climb on top of the structure anyway.
Hell in a Cell Match
Two wrestlers are tied together using some kind of lengthy rope or strap, which is often used to attack the opponent. To win, a wrestler must touch all four ring posts in a row.
Leather Strap Match / Texas Bullrope Match
A coffin is placed near the ring. To win the match, a wrestler must get their opponent inside the coffin and close the lid.
Casket Match
An open grave is somewhere near ringside. To win the match, a wrestler must get their opponent down into the grave, then shovel or pour dirt into the hole after them.
Buried Alive Match
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