Star Wars Planets Quiz

Name these planets that appear in the various Star Wars films.
Quiz by kenpo17
Last updated: April 12, 2019
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First submittedDecember 8, 2017
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A New Hope
Home planet of Anakin and Luke Skywalker
Planet blown up by the Death Star
Where Princess Leia told Tarkin the Rebel base was located
Gas giant whose fourth moon held a Rebel base
The Empire Strikes Back
Frozen planet where the Rebels are nearly defeated
Swamp planet where Luke finds Yoda
Planet where Cloud City is located
Return of the Jedi
Planet whose forest moon is populated by teddy bears
The Phantom Menace
Home of the Gungans
City planet where the Republic government is located
Attack of the Clones
Planet where the Republic's clone army was grown
Where the first battle of the Clone Wars takes place
Revenge of the Sith
Planet where General Grievous is killed
Home planet of the Wookiees
Jungle planet where Aayla Secura was gunned down by clones
Planet where Ki-Adi Mundi is killed by clones
Volcanic planet where Darth Vader is defeated by Obi-Wan
The Force Awakens
Desert planet full of crashed starships, where Rey grew up
Center of the New Republic, which is destroyed by Starkiller Base
Hosnian Prime
Location of Maz Kanata's castle
Rogue One
Planet where Galen Erso is found by the Imperials
Location of an Imperial labor camp where Jyn Erso is rescued by the Rebellion
Moon where Saw Gerrera's base was located
Location of Imperial data center
The Last Jedi
Location of the Resistance base, which is attacked as the Resistance fleet tries to evacuate
Planet where Rey finds Luke Skywalker living in isolation
Casino planet where Finn and Rose look for a hacker
Salty planet where Kylo Ren squares off against Luke (sort of)
Level 66
Mar 8, 2018
For whatever reason, I have a lot of trouble remembering planet names in the Disney Star Wars movies.
Level 66
Jun 25, 2018
I've added the planets from The Last Jedi. I can't add Solo because I haven't seen it yet.
Level 72
Dec 26, 2018
You should. Of all the new movies (which for me is everything after Return of the Jedi), Rogue One and Solo have felt the truest to the originals to me. It is a lot of fun.
Level 66
Dec 26, 2018
One of these days I'm sure I will. I just have a bit of a thing about recasting iconic roles, so I wasn't really excited for anyone else to be playing Han Solo. Same reason why I don't like the Star Trek reboot films.
Level 43
Apr 11, 2019
Might I add that the name of the city in which the casino is located is Canto Bight, but the planet itself is named Cantonica.

( ).

Otherwise, great quiz, and pretty challenging, even for a total nerd like me.

Level 66
Apr 12, 2019
Thanks for the correction (and also for providing your source)! Since I can't remember whether they actually used the name Cantonica in the film and I'm not particularly eager to watch The Last Jedi again to find out, I decided to change the answer but still accept Canto Bight as a type-in.
Level 63
Jul 8, 2019
Got 'em all easily but I'm wondering where Boz Pity, Cato Neimoidia, Corellia, Eadu, Kessel and Saleucami are?

And from Solo: Mimban, Savareen and Vandor.

Level 66
Jul 11, 2019
With the exception of Dantooine, I only included planets that we actually see in the movies. The only reason I made that exception is because it was such a focal point of the dialogue since the entire scene revolves around getting Leia to name a planet.

At the time I made the quiz, I hadn't seen Solo yet, and I haven't gotten around to updating since I saw it.

Level 28
Apr 14, 2022
I know I'm several years late, but:

Cato Neimoidia is seen, as it is where Plo Koon dies during Order 66, as is Saleucami is seen later in the sequence as Stass Allie's resting place.

Level 37
Sep 15, 2022
You should add saleucami when stass allie died in ROTS