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Answer these questions about the guitar!
Quiz by kenpo17
Last updated: March 11, 2019
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What kind of guitar uses a hollow chamber to amplify sound, rather than any kind of electronic equipment?
Acoustic guitar
What is the long, thin part of the guitar called?
What are the metal strips running across it called?
What is the piece at the end called where the strings are tied to tuning pegs?
What part of the guitar supports the strings and transports their vibration to the sound board?
Some electric guitars also feature what removable piece which lets the player modulate pitch?
Whammy bar
What small, handheld tool is often used to pluck the strings?
Guitar pick
What is the most common number of strings on a guitar?
In standard guitar tuning, to what note are the first and last strings tuned?
Who invented the first magnetic pickup, leading to development of the electric guitar?
George Beauchamp
What company manufactured the first known solid-body electric guitars, known as "frying pans" because of their distinctive shape?
Ro-Pat-In Corporation
According to legend, what blues guitarist sold his soul to the Devil to obtain his musical talent?
Robert Johnson
Which famous 1960's rock guitarist used a right-handed guitar with reversed strings, rather than a left-handed guitar?
Jimi Hendrix
What form of musical notation uses numbers instead of standard musical notes to tell guitarists which notes to play?
What 2005 video game features a controller shaped like a guitar, to simulate the experience of playing the real instrument?
Guitar Hero
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