Star Wars: Episode V The Quiz Strikes Back

Quiz about all things The Empire Strikes Back
Quiz by AttilatheHutt
Last updated: January 31, 2016
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First submittedJune 10, 2015
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What does Luke want to check out at the start of the film?
A meteor strike
What is the name of Vader's giant command ship?
What is Han Solo frozen in?
Which droid operates on Luke's hand?
Who is Han's friend, played by Billy Dee Williams?
Lando Calrissian
What are the creatures that work on Cloud City called?
Who directed the film?
Irvin Kershner
What is the name of the Rebel base on Hoth?
Echo Base
What does Yoda steal from Luke?
A lamp
What does Han put Luke into to keep him warm?
A tauntaun
Which Imperial Admiral is Force-choked by Darth Vader?
Admiral Ozzel
What does Luke lose on Cloud City?
His hand
What matters not?
Who provided painted backdrops and concept art for the trilogy?
Ralph McQuarrie
What fluid is used to heal Luke?
A potato and a shoe were among the items used to create these:
What is mined on Cloud City?
Tibanna gas
In a deleted scene, who lures snowtroopers into a room full of wampas?
What is the name of the reptilian bounty hunter?
What tries to eat the Millennium Falcon in the asteroid field?
A Space Slug
Who provided the voice of Darth Vader?
James Earl Jones
What is the name of Luke's gunner on Hoth?
Dak Ralter
Who can interface directly with the Cloud City mainframe?
Who is warned not to disintegrate the heroes?
Boba Fett
Cloud City floats above which gas giant planet?
In what year was the film released?
Who leads the Imperial assault on Hoth?
General Veers
What does Luke fail to lift from the swamp on Dagobah?
His X-Wing
How many bounty hunters does the Empire hire?
Who is Luke's father?
Darth Vader
Level 60
Jun 10, 2015
I had to stop the timer to even have a chance to read through the questions. 3 minutes is not enough time. Also tried "Tebana" "Tebanna" "Tibana" for Tibanna gas; more spellings would be nice.
Level 81
Jun 11, 2015
I've added another spelling, and also extended the timer slightly, thanks for the feedback
Level 75
Jun 11, 2015
It's still not enough time. I didn't get through all the questions, either. I tried fighter for what Luke tried to raise from the swamp, but it wasn't accepted. Maybe accept a few variations?
Level 75
Jun 11, 2015
I tried tonton, tuntun, tontun, tontan, and tantan. But no tauntaun. Sigh.
Level 81
Jan 30, 2016
I've doubled the timer to 8 minutes for all the Star Wars quizzes. Hope that you can enjoy them better now :)
Level 12
May 30, 2017
Luke loses both his hand and his lightsaber......