Easy Piano Theory

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Quiz by liblob12
Last updated: November 28, 2014
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How many white notes are in one octave?
What is a rhyme to remember the note letters of the left hand spaces?
All Cows Eat Grass
What is a word to remember the note letters of the right hand spaces?
How many black notes are in the scale of C major?
What black notes are in D major?
F# and C#
How many white notes are on a full size piano?
How many black notes are on a full size piano?
What is the letter for the middle note on the piano?
What are lines of music split up into?
What are the lines called that are attached to notes that go way above the bar lines?
Ledger Lines
What is the name of the right hand clef?
Treble Clef
What is the name of the # symbol?
What is the name of the b symbol?
How many black notes are in one octave?
What is the device called that ticks to help you stay in time?
Level 43
Jun 17, 2015
Not every one used all cows eat grass,,,
Level 44
Jun 30, 2018
Please be more specific! In my music school and many others, you call them black & white keys, not black & white notes. Had me confused for a second. Only 25% got "All Cows Eat Grass," and I have never heard of that rhyme. Also, please accept just f,c for the D major question, and say sharps, not black notes.
Level 42
Apr 12, 2021
Way too buggy
Level 22
Jan 18, 2022
Errors: There are 7 “white notes” in an octave: C-B. Not all people have used the same rhyme and word method as you, so not everyone knows “All cows eat grass” and FACE. Accept F# C# rather than only with the word “and” in the middle. Lines of music are more commonly referred to as measures. Also, you should describe white keys as naturals and black keys as accidentals (or just sharps and flats).
Level 28
Dec 2, 2022
To be nit-picky, the major scale is a scale in which the third note of the scale is a major third above the root of the scale. This means that a major scale may have, for example, a F# or a Bb. Or both if you are interesting.