Arrow-Main Characters

Name any main character in any episode of Arrow
Quiz by stockiebasher97
Last updated: May 23, 2019
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Former boss of the second Canary and former Assistant DA
Asst DA. Adam Donner
Corrupt businessman blackmailed by the Undertaking. (deceased-2012)
CEO Adam Hunt
Son of one of Chay-Ara and Khufu's reincarnations (deceased-1975)
Prof. Aldus Boardman
Member of the Helix hacking foundation
Alena Whitlock/Kojo Sledgehammer
Part of the playboy's Mayoral campaign staff, later revealed to be controlled by H.I.V.E.'s founder (deceased-2016)
Alexander 'Alex' Davis
Member of Bratva killed by a former ASIS operative. (deceased-2014)
Alexi Leonov
Former leader of A.R.G.U.S. and former commander of the Suicide Squad (deceased-2016)
Dir. Amanda Waller/Mockingbird
Last member of the Bratva kidnapped by a mad scientist who once helped a playboy. Now a part of a villainous cabal.
Anatoli Knyazev
Brother to a Marine vigilante, member of Shadowspire and HIVE (deceased-2016)
Sgt. Andrew 'Andy' Diggle/The Ghost
Character who tells the inhabitants of Lian Yu about Mirakuru (deceased-2009)
Dr. Anthony Ivo
(Earth-1) Wealthy Businessman/former Ra's Al Ghul and current member of the Legion of Doom. (unknown, presumed deceased-2017) (Doomworld) Devoted father and Businessman. (Elseworld-2) CCPD Officer
Arthur King/CEO Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer
League of Assassins member obsessed with the legacy of a former Ra's Al Ghul
Ally of the villainess with the sonic screech
Aviva Metula/Shadow Thief
Former leader of Shadowspire searching for artifacts on the island. (deceased-2011)
Baron Reiter
(Earth-1) Forensic investgator turned metahuman speedster. Also the Self-Professed god of speed. (Remnant, deceased-2016), (Savitar, deceased-2017). (Earth-2) Forensic scientist for CCPD. (Earth-X) Speedster for the New Reichsmen (Doomworld) (deceased). (Flashpoint) Former speedster enjoying life with his parents. (Elseworld-1) Vigilante Archer
Det. Bartholomew H. 'Barry' Allen/The Flash/Savitar/Blitzkrieg/Green Arrow
Misogynistic serial killer and enemy of the Canaries' father (deceased-2013)
Barton Mathis/Dollmaker
Member of the Suicide Squad. (deceased-2014, revived post-Flashpoint)
Benjamin 'Ben' Turner/Bronze Tiger
Assassin hired to kill the second Canary (deceased-2013)
Mr. Blank
(Earth-1) Anti-vigilante alcoholic (Earth-2) Drunk driver (deceased-2014)
Brett Collins
Narcissistic criminal genius and rival to Team Arrow's tech support
Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit
(Earth-1) Bioengineer and medical officer at S.T.A.R Labs. (Earth-2) Cryokinetic metahuman.(deceased-2016) (Flashpoint) Medical doctor. (Elseworld-2) Subordinate of the fake "Man of Steel"
Dr. Caitlin 'Cait' Raymond (née Snow)/Killer Frost
Former lover of a retired marine and widow of his brother.
Caroline 'Carly' Diggle
Villain with an obsessive crush on a vigilante archer, later joins Suicide Squad
Carrianne 'Carrie' Cutter/Cupid
(Earth-1) Reincarnated Khufu (deceased-(post-1831), 1925, 1975 and more, later reincarnated multiple times) (Earth-90) (deceased-unknown)
Carter Hall/Hannibal Hawkes/Joseph 'Joe' Boardman/Scythian Torvil/Hawkman
Former head of the Helix hacking foundation and leader of a villainous cabal. (deceased-2018)
Cayden James
Dealer of the drug called Vertigo (deceased-2013)
Cecil Adams/The Count/Count Vertigo
DJ, love interest of the female vigilante archer and spy for the League of Assassins (deceased-2015)
DJ Chase
Chinese Triad Leader seeking revenge.
Chien Na Wei/China White
Star City mayor's bodyguard and master of disguise
Christopher Chance/Human Target
Former Shadowspire member killed by vigilante archer when alone (deceased-2008)
Ex-boyfriend of Team Arrow's tech support from MIT and hacker for HIVE. (deceased-2016)
Cooper Seldon
(Earth-1) Technological savant, inventor and medal-winning Olympic decathlete. (Doomworld) (deceased)
Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific
A wayward youth who a Canary takes under her wing in Starling City after her father is killed on the island
Cynthia 'Cindy' Simone/Sin
The first to survive injection with Mirakuru in the present day. (deceased-2013)
Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte
League of Assassins, Legion of Doom and H.I.V.E member (deceased-2016, revived 1895, deceased-1992)
Damien Darhk
A gang leader in Starling City who organizes the takeover of the Glades in the vigilante archer's absence and member of HIVE. (deceased-2018)
Daniel 'Danny' Brickwell/Brick
Incredibly intelligent and creative tech entrepreneur
Daniel Porter
Terrorist financier and incredibly dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. (deceased-2019)
Queen Family bodyguard (deceased-2007)
David 'Dave' Hackett
Former leader of the Royal Flush Gang. (deceased-2012)
Derek Reston/King
Dealer of a drug called Stardust. (deceased-2018)
Derek Sampson
Former ASIS operative with a penchant for trick boomerangs. (presumed deceased-2017)
Agt. Digger Harkness/Cpt. Boomerang
Detective, formerly for Central City, who has issues with the vigilante archer and his new team.
Det. Dinah Drake/Christina 'Tina' Boland/Black Canary
Mother to the two Canaries
Prof. Dinah Lance
(Earth-1) Vigilante with a sonic screech.(deceased-2016). (Earth-2) Villainess with a sonic screech. (Earth-X) New Reichsmen member with a Sonic Screech (Doomworld) (deceased)
DA. Dinah L. 'Laurel' Lance/Black Canary/Black Siren/Siren-X
Mother of Team Arrow's tech support.
Donna Smoak
Future vigilante and son of an ex-Task Force X member
Dylan Turner/Connor Hawke
(Earth-1) Reincarnated Chay-Ara. (deceased-1925 and more, reincarnated multiple times) (Earth-90) (deceased-unknown)
Edith Boardman/Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl
Mercenary on the island secretly working for ARGUS. (deceased-2008)
Edward Fyers
Rogue member of the Anti Vigilante Taskforce
Sgt. Elizabeth 'Liza' Warner
Paternal half-sister of the vigilante archer. (deceased-2019)
Emiko Hadachi/Emiko Queen/Green Arrow
Anti-Vigilante mayor
Mayor Emily Pollard
(Earth-1) 22nd Century Speedster (deceased-2015, Abberation, deceased-1916, defected to Earth-X-unknown) (Doomworld) Head of S.T.A.R Labs.
Eobard Thawne/Dr. Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash
Immortal Shaman who a vigilante archer consults about the H.I.V.E. founder's powers
Esrin Fortuna
Takes up the mantle of the second Canary after their death. Later sides with an evil archer. (presumed deceased-2017)
Evelyn C. Sharp/Artemis
(Earth-1) Technical Expertise for Team Arrow. (Earth-X) Unnamed Jewish Camp inhabitant (Doomworld) Vigilante with T-Spheres. (deceased-2017)
CEO Felicity M. Queen (née Smoak)/Overwatch/Calculator
A mercenary who supposedly killed a skilled soldier under H.I.V.E.'s orders, also a former member of the Suicide Squad (deceased-2015)
Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
(Earth-1) Technical Expert for S.T.A.R Labs who can view alternate timelines. (Earth-2) Metahuman villain who can view alternate timelines.(deceased-2016) (Earth-X) Freedom Fighter's Breacher (Flashpoint) CEO of Ramon Industries. (Elseworld-2) Crime boss.
Francesco 'Cisco' Ramon/Vibe/Reverb
Mob boss and father to a vigilante with a crossbow. (deceased-2012)
Francis 'Frank' Bertinelli
Former firefighter hunting down his old team. (deceased-2013)
Garfield Lynns/The Firefly
AI System of the Time-Ship Waverider
"Immortal" Tyrant (deceased-1958, 1975, 2021)
Hath-Set/Vandal Savage/Dr. Curtis Knox/Sasha Mahnovski
(Earth-1) Skilled fighter out for revenge against her mob-boss father. (Earth-90) (deceased-unknown)
Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress
Longbow Hunter who likes the quiet.
Honor Guest/The Silencer
Former mistress of the Queen family patriarch also in league with a former ASIS operative (deceased-2014)
Isabel Rochev/Ravager
The former Pakhan(Godfather) of Bratva (deceased-2012)
Ishmael Gregor
U.S officer who frames a former Marine for his nuclear arms dealing.
Gen. J.G Walker
Opal City metahuman who can harness and weaponize plasma energy. (deceased-2014)
Jacob 'Jake' Simmons/Deathbolt
Sadistic doctor at Slabside Prison. (deceased-2018)
Dr. Jarrett Parker
The Queen family matriarch's defense lawer
Jeanette 'Jean' Loring
Metahuman who can turn his playing card tattoos into weapons
Jeremy Turner/Double Down
Rookie SCPD Officer who hates vigilantes
Ofc. Jessica 'Jessie' Bowden
Friend of the Queen family and mayoral candidate for Star City
Jessica Danforth
Friend and co-worker of the second Canary at CNRI
Joanna De La Vega
Former conman and reluctant supernatural detective
Jonathan 'John' Constantine
Glades-based arsonist.
Jonathan 'John' Cortez
Arkham City Doctor. (Elseworld-2) The fake Man of Steel
Dr. Jonathan 'John' Deegan/Superman
(Earth-1) Former US Marine (reinstated) and vigilante. (Earth-90) Potential Green Lantern. (Doomworld) (deceased-unknown)
MSgt. Jonathan T. 'John' Diggle/Spartan/Freelancer
Archer of the 2040's (pre-Flashpoint). Leader of a criminal gang in the 2030's
Jonathan 'John' Diggle Jr./J.J./Connor Hawke/Green Arrow/Deathstroke
Target of a rescue mission by Suicide Squad.... for a staged hostage event.
Sen. Joseph Cray
(Earth-1) Oldest son of a former ASIS operative and leader of The Jackals. (Elseworld) CCPD Officer
Agt. Joseph 'Joe' Wilson/Kane Wolfman
(Earth-38) Kryptonian. (Earth-53) Kryptonian working for the New Reichsmen (deceased-2017)
Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl/Kara Queen (née Danvers)/Overgirl
Gotham City Vigilante
Katherine 'Kate' Kane/Batwoman
Former Star City Attorney (deceased-2014)
DA. Katherine' Kate' Spencer
Leader of the Eden Corps, and CEO of it's facade company Galaxy One.
CEO Keven Dale
Psych ward patient on an anti-vigilante crusade
Kevin Meltzer/Chimera
Longbow Hunter with a bladed shield.
Mother of the female "Emerald Archer" (deceased-unknown)
Koizumi Hadachi
Member of the Russian government who has met the playboy. (deceased-2012)
Konstantin Kovar
Freelance criminal who becomes a terrorist after having his face disfigured by a female vigilante archer.
Lonnie Machin/Anarky
Partner to the Canaries' father during his time as an SCPD Detective (deceased-2013)
Det. Lucas Hilton
Former field leader of Suicide Squad, now leader of ARGUS.
Dir. Lyla Diggle (née Michaels)/Harbinger
Mysterious alien with seemingly infinite power
Mar Novu/The Monitor
Associate of the head of Queen CON.
CFO Marcus 'Mark' Francis
Ex-Suicide Squad member (deceased-2014)
Marcus 'Mark' Scheffer/Shrapnel
Argus Operative in Corto Maltese
Agt. Marcus 'Mark' Shaw
Badass cage fighter
Maria 'Mia' Smoak/Blackstar
Uses abilities of animals
Marianne 'Mari' McCabe/Vixen
Vigilante archer's handler during his time in Hong Kong. Ex-husband to a Swordswoman and former member of the League of Assassins (deceased-2015)
Maseo Yamashiro/Sarab
US Army officer who tries to cripple China using a virus. (deceased-2010)
Gen. Matthew Shrieve
Vice Cop that dated the playboy.
McKenna Hall
Identical sister of an archery trainer
Mei Gulong
A man whose mouth is sewn shut trying to get revenge on SCPD for sending him to Iron Heights on a false confession.
Michael C. Amar/Murmur
Mother of two vigilante archers (deceased-2014)
CEO Moira Queen
(Earth-1) Historian who can turn his skin to steel. (Abberation, deceased-1916) (Doomworld) Conspiracy Theorist
Nathaniel 'Nate' Heywood/Steel
Right hand of the mob boss. (deceased-2012)
Nicholas 'Nick' Salvati
Cyber-criminal and father of Team Arrow's tech support
Noah Kuttler/Calculator
Princess relying on a terrorist financier to bankroll her "Revolution" (deceased-2019)
Princess Noor Harjavti of Qurac
(Earth-1) Daughter to the head of the League of Assassins and former love interest of a Canary. (Doomworld) Imprisoned somewhere in Ohio.
Nyssa Raatko/Nyssa Al Ghul
(Earth-1) Billionaire playboy turned vigilante archer. (Earth-2) Billionaire playboy. (deceased-2008). (Earth-53) Fuhrer of the New Reichsmen (deceased-2017) (Earth-90) (deceased-unknown) (Doomworld) (deceased) (Elseworld) Speedster.
Mayor Oliver J. 'Ollie' Queen/Green Arrow/The Hood/Kapushiyon/Black Arrow/The Flash
Former member of the League of Assassins, who joined in 1743.
Onyx Adams
Former husband to an Olympic Decathlete
Paul Holt
(Earth-1) Police captain and father to the two Canaries. (deceased-2018) (Earth-2) Father of the Siren (deceased-(1998-1999))
Mayor Quentin Lance
Leader of the League of Assassins and supposed immortal (deceased-2015)
Ra's Al Ghul
(Earth-1) Can shrink to near microscopic proportions. (Abberation, deceased-1916). (Doomworld) S.T.A.R. Labs Janitor
Dr. Raymond C. 'Ray' Palmer/The Atom/Sir Raymond of the Palms
Longbow Hunter with deadly accuracy.
Red Dart
(Earth-1) New cocksure vigilante. (Doomworld) (deceased)
Mayor Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog
(Earth-1) Star City drug dealer and part of a villainous cabal. (deceased-2019) (Elseworld) CCPD Officer
Ricardo Diaz/The Dragon
(Earth-1) Biological father to a vigilante archer, who killed himself. (deceased-2008) (Earth-2) Vigilante Archer
CEO Robert Queen/The Hood/The Arrow
(Earth-1) Sole survivor of Havenrock. (Doomworld) (deceased)
Rory Regan/Ragman
Criminal turned vigilante archer. (deceased-2019, revived-2019)
Roy W. Harper Jr./Arsenal/Green Arrow
4 Star US General and step father of the reinstated US Marine
Gen. Roy Stewart
Wife of the founder of H.I.V.E. who campaigned against the playboy for Mayor of Star City. (deceased-2016)
Ruvé Darhk (née Adams)
FBI Official investigating Star City's mayor.
Agt. Samandra Watson
Former lover of a Star City playboy and mother of his son. (deceased-2017)
Samantha Clayton
Son of a former Queen family bodyguard.
Samuel 'Sam' Hackett
(Earth-1) Former member of the League of Assassins and current captain of the Waverider. (deceased-2015, later revived-2016) (Doomworld) Thug for that reality's mayor of Star City.
Cpt. Sara Lance/The Canary/White Canary
Assassin who attempted to kill Star City's mayor, unaware it was in fact, his bodyguard, in disguise
A savvy politician in league with a former ASIS operative (deceased-2014)
Mayor Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood
Playboy's archery trainer on the island (deceased-2008)
Shado Gulong
Mercenary archer suspected of killing the first Canary.
Simon Lacroix/Komodo
New Star City D.A and Archer who wants revenge for his father. (deceased-2017)
Simon Morrison/DA. Adrian Chase/Prometheus
Mercenary with high combat skills and former ASIS soldier.
Agt. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
Psychotic murderer and former Slabside Prison inmate.
Stanley Dover/The Star City Slayer
Coast City reporter
Susan Williams
Rescued by a stranded playboy from her brother, later killed by him after being nearly corrupted by magic. (deceased-2011)
Taiana Venediktov
Older daughter of the Demon's Head.
Talia Al Ghul/The Demon
A mentor to a vigilante archer during their time in Hong Kong
Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
Maternal half-sister to the original vigilante archer.
COS Theodora D. 'Thea' Queen/Theodora D. 'Thea' Merlyn/Speedy
Former military CO of the retired Marine. (deceased-2013)
Theodore 'Ted' Gaynor
A former boxer who now runs a gym for underprivileged youth
Theodore 'Ted' Grant/Wildcat
(Earth-1) Son of a wealthy businessman (deceased-2013). (Earth-X) Archer/Swordsman working for the New Reichsmen. (deceased-2017). (Doomworld) Son of a wealthy businessman.
Thomas 'Tommy' Merlyn/Prometheus
Former gang leader trying to unify Star City's gangs under his rule. (deceased-2016)
Tobias Church/Charon
(Earth-1) Vigilante with a penchant for guns, now a part of a villainous cabal. (deceased-2018) (Doomworld) (deceased)
Det. Vincent 'Vinny' Sobel/Vigilante
Member of the Ninth Circle.
Former President of Queen CON.
Walter Steele
Drug lord who seeks to kill a vigilante archer to raise his profile, but is stopped by the Canaries
Werner Zylte/Vertigo
New Detective at SCPD (deceased-2016)
Det. William 'Billy' Malone
High Tech thief
William Tockman/Clock King
Former partner to an ASIS operative who betrayed him for Shadowspire (deceased-2008)
Agt. William 'Billy' Wintergreen
Former Chinese General who assists a playboy on Lian Yu. (deceased-2008)
Gen. Yao Fei Gulong
Daughter of the cocksure vigilante, and vigilante of the 2030's
Zoe Ramirez/Black Canary
Level 21
Jun 19, 2017
I love this quiz - definitely the most detailed Arrow quiz that I've found :-)