FNAF World Party Members

Enter an answer into the box.Any characters with OG after their names is a FNAF World Original Character. (FNAF World was the first FNAF game to feature these characters)
Updated with the upcoming confirmed roster additions
Quiz by stockiebasher97
Last updated: November 9, 2016
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First submittedJanuary 24, 2016
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Party Member
List of Attacks
Animdude (OG)
Neon Wall/Mega Virus/4th Wall
Balloons/Hot Cheese/Munchies
Bite/Bash Jam/Happy Jam
Cupcake/Party Favors/Regen Song
Chipper (OG)
Mimic Ball/Buzzsaw/Hocus Pocus
Coffee (OG)
Gift Boxes/Mega Virus/Neon Wall 2
Crying Child
Power Song/Armor Song/Gift Boxes
Endo 01 (OG)
Power Song/Armor Song/Endo Army
Endo 02 (OG)
Speed Song/Endo Army/Neon Wall
Endo Plush (OG)
Neon Wall/Eye Beam/Waterhose 2
Hook/Jumpscare/Hot Cheese
Mega Bite/Regen Song/Mimic Ball
Freddy Fazbear
Mic Toss/Pizza Wheel/Birthday
Funtime Foxy (OG)
Happy Jam 2/Cosmic Song/Gift Boxes
Golden Freddy
Jumpscare/Rainy Day 2/Haunting
Hook/Poppers/Prize Ball
Prize Ball 2/Mystery Box/Esc Key
Toxic Bite 2/Rainy Day/Mega Bite
Nightmare BB
Mega Bite/Bubble Breath/Balloons 2
Nightmare Bonnie
Bite 2/Rainy Day 2/Pizza Wheel 2
Nightmare Chica
Bite 2/Bad Pizza/Waterhose
Party Member
List of Attacks
Nightmare Foxy
Bite 2/Unscrew 2/Hot Cheese 2
Nightmare Fredbear
Toxic Bite 2/Mega Bite/Bad Pizza
Nightmare Freddy
Bite 2/Sludge/Freddles
Prize Ball 2/Bubble Breath/4th Wall
Paper Pals
Prize Ball 2/Mystery Box 2/Mimic Ball
Phantom BB
Toxic Balloon/Gloom Balloon/Rainy Day
Phantom Chica
Toxic Bite/Sludge/Unscrew
Phantom Foxy
Jumpscare/Toxic Bite/Unscrew
Phantom Freddy
Gloom Song/Rainy Day/Sludge
Phantom Mangle
Toxic Bite/Mystery Box/Pizza Wheel 2
Phantom Marionette
Jumpscare/ Hot Cheese 2/Mystery Box 2
Toxic Bite/Bad Pizza/Sludge
Purple Guy
Speed Song/Slasher/Hocus Pocus
RWQFSFASXC (Shadow Bonnie)
Haunting/Mimic Ball/Gift Boxes
Shadow Freddy
Unscrew/Esc Key/Waterhose
Springlocks/Happy Jam 2/Cosmic Song
Bite 2/Springlocks/Rainy Day
Toy Bonnie
Bash Jam/Munchies/Prize Ball
Toy Chica
Toy Freddy
Mic Toss/Party Favors/Speed Song
Withered Chica
Bite/Cupcake/Prize Ball 2
Withered Bonnie
Eye Beam/Pizza Wheel/Unscrew 2
Withered Foxy
Hook/Rainy Day/Hot Cheese 2
Withered Freddy
Mic Toss/Gloom Song/Esc Key
Level 53
Dec 21, 2020
Its Nightmarionne not nightmarrione
Level 46
Apr 27, 2021
Endo 01 and Endo 02 aren't original to FNaF World. Endo 01 is from FNaF 1, and can be seen sitting on the desk backstage, and occasionally can be seen looking into the camera, and Endo 02 is a secret in FNaF 2, like Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy, there is a slim chance of it appearing. It can be seen on the prize corner and left vent cams.
Level 46
Apr 27, 2021
Same goes for JJ, another secret in FNaF 2. She sometimes appears, her face barely visible under your desk.