Quizzes by DE60

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user DE60.
# of Quizzes 72
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 25,511
Quizmaker Rank # 832
7,6492015-03-05Top 50 Game of Thrones Characters by Mention
3,3022015-02-27UK Citizenship Test
2,9412022-07-27Men's Tennis ATP Masters 1000 Winners
1,7942020-05-23Cycling Grand Tours of the 2010s
1,3392017-05-22Most Watched TV Shows UK Edition
7202015-05-16UK General Election 2015
6632017-11-25Men's Tennis Rankings 2017
5132016-11-21Men's Tennis Rankings 2016
4592015-11-23Men's Tennis Rankings 2015
4562017-05-13Europe's Busiest Airports Map Quiz
4032022-09-12Cycling Grand Tours of the 2020s
3592016-02-01Women's Tennis Rankings 2015
3342015-05-31Baby Boy Names by Letter UK Quiz
3282015-05-20Labour Party MPs 2015
1992018-06-09Yorkshire A-Z
1982017-07-23Tour de France Yellow Jersey Wearers
1902015-05-21German Animal Words Quiz
1782015-02-28British Reality TV Shows
1752016-11-18Tennis Grand Slams 2016
1732016-10-28Manchester Trivia
1642017-11-25Women's Tennis Rankings 2017
1582015-11-08British TV Presenters
1562017-07-23UK Political Party Leaders
1362017-06-09UK General Election 2017
1342015-03-01Futurama Trivia #3
1202017-04-21Movies by Haiku
1192017-05-25Shakespeare Plays by Haiku
1072015-05-24Easiest JetPunk Answers
1072017-05-292016 Cycling Grand Tours
1012017-05-21Commonwealth Games Hosts Map Quiz
962016-11-14Men's Olympic Tennis Champions
952017-02-22Men's Tennis Tournaments Map Quiz
832015-02-26Futurama Trivia
802016-12-18BBC Sports Personality of the Year
772015-05-16UK Cabinet 2015
742015-05-24Eurovision Song Contest Countries
742017-05-13Women's Tennis Rankings 2016
672021-05-22Cycling UCI WorldTeams 2021
662017-11-04Men's Tennis Number Ones
652016-12-14Rio 2016 Olympic Cycling Champions
602017-05-27Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs
602016-11-24Literary Characters by Haiku
562015-05-18Liberal Democrat MPs 2015
552016-12-18BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year
542016-11-21Men's Tennis Year End Number Ones
542017-06-12Men's Tennis Rankings by Country 2017
532015-10-07Labour Shadow Cabinet 2015
502016-11-14Rio 2016 Olympic Tennis Champions
492017-01-13Top UK Websites Quiz
492017-06-12Liberal Democrat MPs 2017
462017-06-26Men's Tennis Champions 2017
452017-10-08People on UK banknotes
432015-05-24Futurama Trivia #2
382016-12-18BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016
362016-12-18BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award
352017-02-19Men's Tennis Champions 2016
272017-10-08Men's ITU World Triathlon Series Champions
262016-09-09UK Cabinet 2016
242017-01-13UK General Election 2010
242015-11-17Desert Island Discs Quiz
202017-01-13UK General Election 2001
192017-10-082017 World Triathlon Series Race Winners
172017-06-12UK Cabinet 2017
162017-01-28NTA Special Recognition Award
162017-02-15Men's Tennis Rankings by Country 2016
152017-01-13UK General Election 2005
152016-11-142016 World Triathlon Series Race Winners
142017-10-08Tennis Grand Slams 2017
122017-02-15Men's Tennis Rankings by Country 2015
122016-12-18BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015
102016-12-182014 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award
92016-12-182013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award