Futurama Trivia #3

Answer the following questions about the TV show Futurama
Quiz by DE60
Last updated: March 1, 2015
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The new Planet Express crew's first delivery is to a theme park on which celestial body?
The Moon
What weapon does Fry use to fight Dr. Zoidberg in Claw-Plach?
The price of which metal skyrockets after the collapse of a mine on Titan prompting Bender to pawn his body?
What alias does Fry use when he joins The New Justice Team?
Captain Yesterday
Who provides the voice of Marianne, Zoidberg's girlfriend, in 'Stench and Stenchibility'?
Emilia Clarke
After being trained by Helmut Spargle who does Bender compete against on the TV programme Iron Cook?
In 'The Day the Earth Stood Stupid' where does Fry go to locate the giant brain spawn?
New New York Public Library
Who spends most of the year living in his Death Fortress on Neptune?
Robot Santa Claus
In 'The Late Philip J. Fry' where does Leela leave a message in stalagmites for Fry to see in the future?
Cavern on the Green
Zoidberg is a doctor specialising in what species?
What is the name of the ship captained by Zapp Brannigan?
The Nimbus
People are labeled as job deserters if they remove what implanted device?
Career chip
What are the giant beetles with cowskin-coloured shells that roam Mars called?
Who is the first head in a jar to be seen on Futurama?
Leonard Nimoy
At what university does Fry study The Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields?
Mars University
Fry's entry for the 1988 Nerd Search Science Competition involved infecting what animal with the common cold and then sending it into space?
Guinea pig
In 'Bendin' in the Wind' Bender becomes a folk singer and goes on tour with which American singer-songwriter?
What does Hermes spend his $300 tax rebate on in 'Three Hundred Big Boys'?
Bamboo Boogie Boots
What food product has slogans including "Now with flavor!" and "Makes its own gravy!"?
Bachelor Chow
The Scary Door, a science-fiction horror programme, is a 31st century spoof of what TV show?
The Twilight Zone
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