Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time - Weapons and Items

Name the weapons and items that both young link and old link use throughout the game.
Quiz by tylman9
Last updated: August 24, 2021
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First submittedMarch 5, 2015
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The boots link gets out of bed in
Kokiri Boots
The default garb
Kokiri Tunic
Found in a hole in Kokiri forest
Kokiri Sword
Pay 40 rupees for this wooden protection
Deku Shield
Common element of the forest, slash a Boko Baba for one
Deku Stick
Temporarily stuns foes with a flash of light
Deku Nut
Weapon found in the Deku tree
Fairy Slingshot
Load your new found wrist rocket with these bad boys
Deku Seeds
Saria's gift to you as you travel to Hyrule Field
Fairy Ocarina
Allows young link to pick bomb plants
Goron Bracelet
A full sized shield
Hylian Shield
Weapon found in Dodongo's Cavern
Bombs/Bomb Bag
Weapon found in Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Zelda throws this at you, for the sake of Hyrule
Ocarina of Time
The bane of evil
Master Sword
Win this in a race with Dampe
Weapon found in the Forest Temple
Fairy Bow
Load your new found weapon with these deadly darts
Garb that protects link from overheating
Goron Tunic
Weapon found in the Fire Temple
Megaton Hammer
I navigated this stupid Ice Cavern for these??
Iron Boots
Garb that allows link to breathe under water
Zora Tunic
Weapon found in the Water Temple
Shoot the sun for these
Fire Arrows
Navigate the Bottom of the Well for this
Lens of Truth
Garb found in the Shadow Temple
Hover Boots
Glove upgrade to lift heavy objects
Silver Gauntlets
Garb found in the Spirit Temple
Mirror Shield
Gives the bow the power of light
Light Arrows
Gloves for lifting the heaviest of objects
Golden Gauntlets
Fill me with milk or bugs
A bomb that travels on the ground
Collect these so you can charge your spin attack, among other things
Magic Jars
Plant me to go for a ride (in the future)
Magic Beans
Gives the bow freezing power
Ice Arrows
Allows link to warp
Farore's Wind
Engulfs link in flame
Din's Fire
Protects link with a shield, breifly
Nayru's Love
Items that serve as a precursor to the next Zelda game, trade in the market
Large blade with shotty workmanship
Giant's Knife
Very sturdy, large blade
Biggoron Sword
Prove yourself a good diver for this upgrade
Silver Scale
Prove yourself a good fisher for this upgrade
Golden Scale
Collect four of these to increase your life
Heart Piece
Collect one of these to increase your life
Heart Container
Level 64
Nov 17, 2015
The Iron Boots being the most well known item is surprising, it's not a very iconic Zelda item.
Level 70
Nov 19, 2015
Yeah, and arguably the most annoying, what with the amount of switching that goes on during the water temple.
Level 47
Jul 10, 2023
Level 83
Feb 7, 2024
Characterizing the mirror shield as garb is a bit of a stretch IMO. Great quiz otherwise!
Level 70
Feb 12, 2024
Level 57
Feb 11, 2024
They are called Pieces of Heart, not Heart Pieces. You should consider accepting both responses as correct.
Level 70
Feb 12, 2024