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I’m smelly, I’m mean, I’m alone, but I liked it that way until a Princess and a donkey came and ruined it all. - Who Am I?Shrek
I’m the father of a Jedi apprentice, in fact I used to be a Jedi myself until someone conned me into the dark side - Who Am I?Darth Vader
I’m a divorced husband who decides to dress as an old woman so I can secretly see my kids everyday. - Who Am I?Mrs. Doubtfire
I’m the leader of a hidden African world with the abilities of a certain feline. Who Am I?T’Challa/Black Panther
I may not be a smart man, but I do know what love is. - Who Am I?Forrest Gump
I’m the master of fright, and a demon of light. But I’m also tired of my crown as The Pumpkin King - Who Am I?Jack Skellington
I’m a girl from a Kansas farm where I was unhappy with my life until I got knocked unconscious and entered a strange land with talking lions, and scarecrows. - Who Am I?Dorothy Gale
Everything the light touched was my kingdom. The throne was abruptly taken by my brother. - Who Am I?Mufasa
I am a famous writer who was kidnapped by a crazed fan who claims she’s my #1 fan. - Who Am I?Paul Sheldon
I’m a former dentist turned bounty hunter who befriended a slave. I have a horse named Fritz - Who Am I?Dr. King Schultz
I was forced to marry a rich man I didn’t want to, a poor man is the one I fell in love with on a ship known to be unsinkable. - Who Am I?Rose Bukater
My father was a man I loved making proud, I learned his ways and managed to cleverly commit check fraud. Eventually it became a game of cat and mouse with a detective. - Who Am I?Frank Abagnale Jr.
I’m an experienced shark hunter who got eaten by the shark I was chasing, so in other words I’m not alive and I don’t know how I’m doing this right now. - Who Am I?Quint
I’s get scared of the dark sometimes if it’s a strange place. I was falsely accused of a crime that I tried to take back but it was too late. - Who Am I?John Coffey
I’m a mother accused of murdering my rich and heartless employer who also lived with an abusive husband - Who Am I?Dolores Claiborne

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