WW2 Tanks quiz

Test ur tank knowledge
Quiz by Itsyaboy
Last updated: November 12, 2019
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1. How thick is the tiger 1's armor plate?
2. What was the last tank the germans made?
Tiger II
Tiger I
3. What was the main russian tank?
4. What was the name of the biggest tank to ever be build?(it wasn't build)
P1000 herz
P1000 ratte
P1000 hunde
P1000 fögel
5. What was most likely the worst tank of WW2?
Tiger I
M4 Sherman
Panther tank
6. Who had designed the famous blitzkrieg tactic?
General Feldmarshal Erwin Rommel
Generaloberst Heinz Guderian
General of the army Eisenhower
General Montgomery
7. What was the first german tank ever made?
Panzer 1
Panzer 2
8. What american tank destroyer was feared for its speed?
M10 Wolverine
M18 Hellcat
M3 Lee
M4A3E8 Sherman
9. What tank did the Britisch make that never saw action?
Sherman Firefly
10. What tank did the Americans make that never saw action?
M10 Wolverine
M18 Hellcat
T95 Doom Turtle
M2 Lee
Level 15
Nov 1, 2022
How could the M4 Sherman be worse than the Tiger, Panther, and T-34? The Tiger and Panther had horrible reliability and were incredibly uncomfortable to their crews. Their build quality made them way worse than the Sherman. The T-34 was made even worse. It had non-existent reliability, the armour was way too brittle, causing it to break and crack even by a shell that shouldn't've penetrated it. Its optics were almost always made out of polished steel, meaning the crew couldn't look out of it. The suspension and cost cutting measures meant the crew had zero space inside the tank. The transmission was so unreliable and poorly mounted that it was almost impossible to shift higher the 2nd gear (19kph) or into reverse. The Sherman on the other hand, had high reliability, could easily be repaired due to the large amount of easily replaceable parts, and the crew could see out of the tank, were miles more comfortable, and could escape easily if the tank was hit due to the spring loaded hatches
Level 32
Dec 12, 2022
americans actually didnt know any about building tanks

m4 is really the worst

Level 57
Mar 23, 2023
Peterpancake, you know nothing about tanks if you think the americans didnt know anything about tanks and thinking the m4 is the worst is proof.

The m4 was the second most produced tank of the war and served in over a dozen different countries armed forces. It along side the m3 was the only tank to serve on every front of the war. It was so good that even the russians liked it.

Whilst the m4a1 did have some teething issues, particularly the lack of wet storage for ammuntion and the gasoline engine and the short 75mm. But these were fixed with the m4a2. It was fast, reliable and both easy to produce and to maintain. It was also very easy to modify which both the americans and the british did multiple times. It was mechanicly sound and did not face the constant breakdowns like ther german tiger and panther.

It was so good that it still saw use and success in the korean war.

Level 56
May 10, 2023
Tell me you don't know thing about the T34 without telling me you don't know a thing about the T34