Ultimate Movie Quotes Master Quiz

Can you identify famous quotes or use your movie intuition to identify even abstract ones? Identify the movie, character or actor for each quote. Take this quiz to prove that you are indeed a Movie Master!
0-15 = Audience Member
16-33 = Backstage Crew
34 - 40 = Ultimate Movie Star / Crazy Insane Genius
Quiz by Erised2
Last updated: July 29, 2019
First submittedJuly 28, 2019
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1. "Follow the Money"
A Few Good Men
All the President's Men
The Bourne Identity
2. "Leave the gun, take the cannoli."
The Godfather
3. "I know"
Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide
Harrison Ford in Empire Strikes Back
Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II
Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca
4. "I'm funny like how, like a clown? I amuse you?"
Robert DeNiro in Casino
Joe Pesci in Goodfellas
Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men
Albert Brooks in Mother
5. "We're going to do it"
Tom Hanks in Apollo 13
Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible
Sandra Bullock in Oceans 8
6. "Wilson!"
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Tom Selleck
Tom Arnold
7. "Clay. Bill Clay"
Pierce Brosnan in in Mrs. Doubtfire
Alan Rickman in Die Hard
Danny DeVito in Other People's Money
Robin Williams in Insomina
8. "Ya...Ya...Sure..Ya" (In Swedish Accent)
Tom Hanks in Splash
Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon
Kut Russell in Tequila Sunrise
Leslie Nielson in Naked Gun
9. "At last we meet for the first time for the last time."
Guardians of the Galaxy
10. "Laces out!"
Varsity Blues
Ace Ventura
11. "In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!"
Matthew McConaughey
Jim Carrey
Robin Williams
Will Smith
12. "I've got the next watch"
Gene Hackman in Enemy State
Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon II
Barry Pepper in Saving Private Ryan
Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids
13. "I'd like to stay here and talk with you, but I'm not going to."
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day
Dan Ackroyd in The Great Outdoors
Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty
Will Smith in Hitch
14. "Look at the subtle off-white coloring... the tasteful thickness of it...oh my even has a watermark."
Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross
Annette Bening in American Beauty
Paul Rudd in Dinner With Schmucks
Christian Bale in American Psycho
15. "Get your bony ass out of my sight."
Harrison Ford in What Lies Beneath
Melanie Griffith in Working Girl
Kate Blanchett in Notes on a Scandal
Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids
16. My mother use to say to me... in this world Elwood, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."
Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace
Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep
James Stewart in Harvey
William Holden in Sabrina
17. "Trust me. It's for the best."
Enemy Mine
18. "You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort of people. I can help you there."
Martin Riggs
Hans Gruber
President Snow
Draco Malfoy
19. "You wanna get nuts? Come on! Let's get nuts!"
Jack Nicholson
Michael Keaton
Kathy Bates
Jason Statham
20. "I'm gonna go get Bilbo."
Jason Bateman
Richard Harris
Morgan Freeman
Paul Rudd
21. "Gentleman, trails are too important to be left up to juries."
Dustin Hoffman
Al Pacino
Gene Hackman
John Cusak
22. "Are you sure you were talking about water skis? From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs
Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep
Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember
Katherine Hepburn in Philadelphia
Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief
23. "Dad, you're my father. I'm your son. I love you. I always have and I always will. But you think of yourself as a colored man. I think of myself as a man."
Wesley Snipes
Morgan Freeman
Sidney Poitier
Denzel Washington
24. "I don't reckon I got no reason to kill nobody."
I love you Philip Morris
Blackhawk Down
Shawshank Redemption
Sling Blade
25. "You're not trying to draw psycho pension. You really are crazy."
Martin Riggs
Roger Murtaugh
Leo Getz
26. "You're not born here, you're not an islander."
Deep Blue Sea
The Beach
27. "I have nothing to prove to you"
Top Gun
Captain Marvel
The Karate Kid
28. "He does think better with that bat."
A Few Good Men
Runaway Jury
From the Hip
The Natural
29. "You are hell and gone from Cartagena."
Jack Reacher
Norman Bates
Jack Colton
Jason Bourne
30. "This is heavy'
Rocky Balboa
Kevin McCaliister
Ron Weasley
Marty McFly
31. "When you're slapped you'll take it and like it."
Orson Wells
James Cagney
Humphrey Bogart
William Holden
32. "I should have never encouraged you to speak."
Lauren Bacall in The Mirror Has Two Faces
Leslie Warren in Victor Victoria
Tim Curry in Congo
Liam Neeson in Taken
33. "1+2+2+1"
Colonel Mustard
Professor Plum
Mr. Body
Mrs. Peacock
34. "Why don't you run along and play with your chemistry set!"
Harry Potter
Sirius Black
Lucius Malfoy
Lord Voldemort
35. "Knew this was a one way ticket. But you know I had to come"
Super 8
Deep Impact
The Abyss
36. "Life finds a way"
War of the Worlds
Jurassic Park
The Day There Was No Earth
37. "Is it real coffee? Or some Scandinavian Christmas potion?”
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
The Ref
Con Air
38. "Does he go on television and tell the truth? Yes. Is it newsworthy? Yes. Are we gonna air it? Of course not. Why? Because he's not telling the truth? No. Because he is telling the truth. That's why we're not going to air it."
Robert Redford in All the President's Men
Al Pacino in The Insider
William Hurt in Broadcast News
Jason Robards in All the President's Men
39. "I'll be right here."
Sling Blade
Star Wars
40. "So what I said was true...from a certain point of view"
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
The Phantom Menace
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