Hardest Star Wars Quiz

Questions from all trilogies and TV shows
Quiz by lucas189
Last updated: September 3, 2019
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First submittedSeptember 2, 2019
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Boba Fett makes his first movie appearance in which movie?
The Empire Strikes Back
What does AT-AT stand for?
All Terrain Armored Transport
What was the original last name of the Skywalkers?
Whose voice can be heard when Anakin is fighting the Tusken-Raider in Attack of the Clones?
Qui-Gon Jinn
When is "Star Wars Day"?
May 4th
Which famous actor freed Rey in "The Force Awakens"?
Daniel Craig
In Revenge of the Sith, what is the name of the outer-rim planetoid where Luke & Leia were born?
Polis Massa
In Star Wars: A New Hope, at Mos Eisley spaceport, the Millennium Falcon was in which docking bay?
What is the first line uttered by Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace?
"Tatooine is sparsely populated."
Whose podracer blows up on the starting line during the big race?
Ben Quadinaros
What creature does Finn share a drink with in Jakku?
Not counting young Rey’s screams, who’s voice is the first heard in Rey’s force vision after touching Luke’s lightsaber?
What does Threepio tell Uncle Owen he did at his first job?
Programmed Binary Load lifters
Who shot down Anakin and Ahsoka while they were transporting Rota back to Tatooine?
Who was Maul's brother?
Savage Opress
Who is the legendary visual arts guru who brought tauntauns to life in The Empire Strikes Back and headed George Lucas’ creature shop for Return of the Jedi?
Phil Tippett
What is the name of the character played by Simon Pegg?
In the Star Wars saga films, who is surrounded by droids before asking “Do we have a Plan B?”
Obi-Wan Kenobi
What is the name of the imperial admiral at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back?
What are the wings on an X-wing also called?
Who said, “Greed can be a powerful ally.”?
Qui-Gon Jinn
What holding sector did Admiral Ackbar order Green group to stick close to, during the second Death Star Battle?
In Revenge of the Sith, what actor plays Owen Lars in the movie?
Joel Edgerton
In The Empire Strikes Back, whose call sign on Hoth was Echo 7?
Han Solo
What did Darth Vader say after Luke fell into the carbonite freezing chamber?
"All to easy."
Who was the last one to jump down the Death Star’s garbage chute?
Han Solo
What was the name of the Imperial General in command of the base on Scarif in Rogue One?
Sotorus Ramda
In what Central American country were the exterior shots of Yavin’s moon filmed?
What general was portrayed by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade actor Julian Glover?
General Veers
In The Clone Wars animated film, who conspired with Count Dooku to have Jabba the Hutt’s son Rotta killed?
Ziro the Hutt
In what year was 'Star Wars" released?
What species is Jabba?
Which order brought about the death of the Jedi?
Order 66
Who played Princess Leia?
Carrie Fisher
Who are the only two characters who appear in every Star Wars Saga (1-9) movie?
C-3PO and R2-D2
On which planet do we first meet Rey in The Force Awakens?
What is Kylo Ren’s real name?
Ben Solo
Who built C-3PO?
Anakin Skywalker
Who plays Rey?
Daisy Ridley
What did Luke cut off the Wampa with his lightsaber?
Who did Finn call “Chromedome”?
Captain Phasma
How old was Yoda when he died?
Who killed Qui-Gon Jinn?
Darth Maul
Which famous extra-terrestrial appeared in "The Phantom Menace"?
Which phrase would you hear in every "Star Wars" movie?
"I have a bad feeling about this."
Level 53
Jun 29, 2020
Way too little time. And some of the questions even Star Wars CREATORS wouldn't get right
Level 24
Jun 4, 2021
well that's why it's the hardest quiz.
Level 24
Jun 4, 2021
Well, it was definitely hard. Nice quiz though I don't know how you thought of some of these questions
Level 73
Oct 10, 2021
I would love some more time, considering most of the third column questions I knew but didn't get time to answer
Level 44
Sep 14, 2022
This certainly was a hard quiz. It was made all the harder by the fact that you can't spell.
Level 50
Dec 8, 2022
Would have gotten "all too easy" if it was spelled correctly.
Level 42
Dec 20, 2022
There's a mistake. Boba Fett makes his first appearance in "A New Hope" accompying Jabba.
Level 32
Dec 25, 2022
No, he was edited later in the special addition of ANH. In the original version he doesnt appear.