Who won each presidential election?

Choose the politician that won the elections every four years all the way from 1788 to 2020.
Quiz by MiniHunter
Last updated: August 17, 2021
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1. Presidential election of 1788
Fun Fact: It is largely believed that George Washington may have not won the first election but it was agreed to be this way because they thought it would be embarrasing if he didn't become president
2. Presidential election of 1792
Fun Fact: George Washington's two terms is actually the reason why most presidents used to run two terms when possible before FDR
3. Presidential election of 1796
Fun Fact: John Adams' last words were: ''Thomas Jefferson survives'', even though Jefferson had just died a few hours earlier
4. Presidential election of 1800
Fun Fact: Thomas Jefferson wanted to include that he was the first Secretary of State and was VP number two. But he didn't include him being third president, he thought it wasn't as important
5. Presidential election of 1804
Fun Fact: George Clinton had to replace Aaron Burr and that's why he didn't run for president again
6. Presidential election of 1808
Fun Fact: George Clinton actually became James Madison's vice-president and not Pinckney
7. Presidential election of 1812
Fun Fact: James Madison's wife, Dolley Madison, saved a George Washigton's painting from the British from the War of 1812
8. Presidential election of 1816
Fun Fact: James Monroe's last words were: ''I regret that I should leave this world without again beholding him''. Refering to his friend James Madison
9. Presidential election of 1820
Fun Fact: John Quincy Adams was also Democratic-Republican. He just didn't like James Monroe so he ran against him
10. Presidential election of 1824
Fun Fact: Actually, Andrew Jackson's faction won the most electoral votes and the popular vote, but John Quincy Adams still won the election
11. Presidential election of 1828
Fun Fact: JQA is the first of two presidents that were sons of other presidents, the other one being George W. Bush
12. Presidential election of 1832
Fun Fact: A painting of Andrew Jackson can actually be seen in the Oval Office
13. Presidential election of 1836
Fun Fact: Martin Van Buren was born in America but his first language was dutch
14. Presidential election of 1840
Fun Fact: William Henry Harrison died in office only a month after his election, making John Tyler the next president
15. Presidential election of 1844
Fun Fact: James K. Polk's last words were: ''I love you, Sarah. For all eternity, I love you'', refering to his wife, Sarah Polk
16. Presidential election of 1848
Fun Fact: Zachary Taylor died during his term, making Millard Fillmore the new president
17. Presidential election of 1852
Fun Fact: Franklin Pierce was the first president to never have grown any kind of facial hair
18. Presidential election of 1856
Fun Fact: James Buchanan is widely considered the single worst president in US history
19. Presidential election of 1860
Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, making Andrew Johnson the new president
20. Presidential election of 1864
Fun Fact: Later-president, Andrew Johnson, was the first president to ever be impeached, the next ones being presidents Nixon, Clinton, and Trump, who got impeached twice
21. Presidential election of 1868
Fun Fact: Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant, he changed his name to Ulysses Grant and added the ''S.'' to make it more recognisable
22. Presidential election of 1872
Fun Fact: Ulysses S. Grant's last words were: ''Water''
23. Presidential election of 1876
Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield and Benjamin Harrison are believed to be the reason why beards became less popular in presidency
24. Presidential election of 1880
Fun Fact: James A. Garfield was assassinated after two months of his election, making Chester A. Arthur the new president
25. Presidential election of 1884
Fun Fact: Benjamin Harrison is actually the grandson of president William Henry Harrison
26. Presidential election of 1888
Fun Fact: The White House got power when Benjamin Harrison was president, but he never touched the switches, he was scared of them
27. Presidential election of 1892
Fun Fact: Grover Cleveland is the first and only president that was re-elected after the term of another president
28. Presidential election of 1896
Fun Fact: McKinley's vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, wasn't even his running mate. Roosevelt got pushed to the podium, against his will, and won the election, unanimously
29. Presidential election of 1900
Fun Fact: William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, making Theodore Roosevelt the new president
30. Presidential election of 1904
Fun Fact: Theodore Roosevelt is the single president that had the most number number of pets, standing at an astounding 31, including a bear and a hyena
31. Presidential election of 1908
Fun Fact: William Howard Taft is widely believed to be elected president only because he was friends with Theodore Roosevelt
32. Presidential election of 1912
Fun Fact: After Taft's term, Roosevelt didn't like what his friend had done so he ran not as a Republican, but as a Progressive. This is also the worst defeat of the Republican party
33. Presidential election of 1916
Fun Fact: During his first term, Woodrow Wilson promised not to take America into WW1, a year later, he actually did
34. Presidential election of 1920
Fun Fact: Warren G. Harding said, and I quote, ''I am not fit for this office. I do not know how I even got here and I do not think I am supposed to be in it''
35. Presidential election of 1924
Fun Fact: One lady claimed that she could at least get three words out of Coolidge's mouth in one night. He didn't say a word for the entire night and at the end of it, Coolidge turned to her and said: ''You lost''
36. Presidential election of 1928
Fun Fact: Herbert Hoover wasn't re-elected due to many people believing him to be the cause of the Market Fail
37. Presidential election of 1932
Fun Fact: Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president that was re-elected thrice
38. Presidential election of 1936
Fun Fact: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is actually Theodore Roosevelt's cousin
39. Presidential election of 1940
Fun Fact: FDR's scottish terrier, Fala, is the most popular presidential pet and the only one to appear in a president's memorial
40. Presidential election of 1944
Fun Fact: FDR's last words were: ''I have a terrific headache'', refering to his brain tumor. This also made Harry S. Truman the new president
41. Presidential election of 1948
Fun Fact: Harry S. Truman never fully revealed his middle name but during a speech he said: ''I, Harry Shipp Truman'' and corrected himself and said: ''I, Harry S. Truman''
42. Presidential election of 1952
Fun Fact: Eisenhower is the only German-American president. His surname is actually supposed to be Eisenhauer, but it was anglicized to Eisenhower
43. Presidential election of 1956
Fun Fact: Eisenhower was actually born as David Dwight Eisenhower. His mother changed his name to Dwight David Eisenhower in order for him and his father to not get mixed up
44. Presidential election of 1960
Fun fact: John F. Kennedy was assassinated during his term, making Lyndon B. Johnson president
45. Presidential election of 1964
Fun Fact: LBJ's wife, Claudia, is the first first lady to be called by one of his pseudonims, ''Lady Bird'' Johnson.
46. Presidential election of 1968
Fun Fact: Richard Nixon's last words were: ''Help''
47. Presidential election of 1972
Fun Fact: A year after Nixon was re-elected, the Watergate Scandal was revealed, making Nixon resign from office and making Gerald Ford president as his former vice-president, Spiro Agnew had an scandal of his own
48. Presidential election of 1976
Fun Fact: Jimmy Carter is actually still alive today with an astounding age of 96
49. Presidential election of 1980
Fun Fact: Ronald Reagan was attemped to be assassinated in 1981, Reagan even made fun of this by telling his wife Nancy; ''Honey, I forgot to duck''
50. Presidential election of 1984
Fun Fact: During a presidential debate Reagan said to Walter Mondale: ''I won't make age an issue of this campaign. I won't exploit for political purposes, my opponent's youth and innexperience''
51. Presidential election of 1988
Fun Fact: George H. W. Bush wasn't re-elected mostly due to him breaking his ''Read my lips'' promise
52. Presidential election of 1992
Fun Fact: Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton, actually ran for president during the 2016 elections
53. Presidential election of 1996
Fun Fact: Even though Bill Clinton was accussed of cheating on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky, this did not stop him from being re-elected
54. Presidential election of 2000
Fun Fact: Al Gore actually won the election but the difference was so small that the law of Florida demmanded that a reccount was needed, after that and many more, Gore conceded, making W. Bush the new president
55. Presidential election of 2004
Fun Fact: During 2002 and 2007, vice-president Dick Cheney acted president during 4 hours and 20 minutes total
56. Presidential election of 2008
Fun Fact: Barack Obama was the first African-American president in the history of the United States
57. Presidential election of 2012
Fun Fact: Barack Obama has been sent a grand total of 5 bombs to his mail
58. Presidential election of 2016
Fun Fact: Donald Trump didn't actually win the popular vote, but won the election after all
59. Presidential election of 2020
Fun Fact: Joe Biden is the first president whose vice-president is a woman, Kamala Harris. He is also the oldest president to ever be elected, even older than president Reagan after he left the presidency
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