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9,6562024-01-221,000 Rock Bands By Their Most Popular Song
6632023-10-30Top 500 Spotify Artists Quiz
5732020-11-14Bring Me the Horizon Songs Quiz
3602023-10-22Click the Zach Bryan Song Title Ending
3382020-08-17Duality - Slipknot - Lyric Quiz
3372020-08-17Linkin Park Songs by Synonyms
3352022-04-07Most Streamed Spotify Artists by Genre
3062020-06-09Faint - Linkin Park - All Lyrics
2932023-10-23Something in the Orange - Zach Bryan - Lyric Quiz
2272020-11-04The 50 Greatest Albums of All Time
1942020-08-17#1 Rock Songs of the 2000s
1592020-10-21Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden - Lyric Quiz
1562020-09-03Rock Bands by Song - Extreme
1262020-09-06RED Songs Quiz
1162024-01-15Jeremy's Top Musical Artists
1002024-02-17I Remember Everything - Zach Bryan - Lyric Quiz
962021-01-05Savior - Rise Against - All Lyrics
792023-09-15100 Greatest Albums of All Time (but not actually)
652020-06-08Thousand Foot Krutch Songs Quiz
642021-11-11Metal Band Lead Singers
612021-12-27Artists with the Most Top 40 Hits in 2021
582023-10-22Click the Bring Me the Horizon Song Title Ending
492024-01-20Artists with the Most Top 40 Hits in 2023
422019-09-21You Found Me - The Fray - Lyric Quiz
362020-08-17Christian Rock Bands Quiz
352021-11-15Contemporary Christian Song to Artist
242023-10-30Most Popular Country Artists on Spotify
232024-04-17First Lines of Zach Bryan Songs
232020-12-02My Top Songs of 2020
222021-11-14Turnpike Troubadours Songs Quiz
202020-06-04Songs I Listened to Today by Lyrics
202024-01-20Jeremy's Favorite Albums
192021-01-29As I Lay Dying Songs Quiz
42024-02-18All Christian Radio #1 Hits
22021-09-15Randall King Songs Quiz