American Horror Story Coven

Questions regarding the third season of the FX anthology series American Horror Story. Good luck!
Quiz by prettylittleliarsfan
Last updated: November 11, 2014
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Who is the reigning supreme when the show beings?
Fiona Goode
Which student is sent to Miss Robicheux's Academy after she kills her director?
Madison Montgomery
What power does Nan possess?
What is the name of the fraternity that gang rape Madison at the party?
Kappa Lambda Gamma
What is the name of the immortal racist who has been buried for 180 years?
Madame Delphine LaLaurie
Who do the police come to interrogate following the bus crash?
Madison and Zoe
Who helps Zoe heal Kyle's scars?
Misty Day
What is the name of the singer Misty is obsessed with?
Stevie Nicks
What type of magic does Marie Laveau practise?
What religion are the Academy's fundamentalist neighbours?
In what year did Fiona kill the former supreme Anna Leigh-Leighton
Who does Delphine immediately have a problem with as the maid of the coven?
How does Fiona kill Madison?
Slits her throat
What is the name of the mysterious butler who cuts off his own tongue?
What is the name of the male member of the witches council?
Quentin Fleming
Why could Madison not have been the supreme?
She had a heart murmur
What does a masked assailant throw in Cordelia's face?
Sulphuric acid
Who is stabbed with an axe during the zombie attack?
Luke Ramsey
What is the name of Delphine's daughter who orchestrates the plot to kill their mother?
Who is accused of throwing the acid at Cordelia?
Myrtle Snow
In what year do the witches kill the Axeman?
What does Kyle find on him that makes him realise he is not in his own body?
Who does Fiona begin a relationship with?
The Axeman
How does Zoe kill Spalding?
Stabs him
What is the name of the ritual the witches partake in to elect a new supreme?
The Sacred Taking
Fill in the missing words "________ _____, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."
Surprise bitch
Who is killed by a witch hunter accidentally?
Joan Ramsey
How did Joan murder her husband?
Put bees in his car
Where does Hank open fire upon, killing many women?
Cornrow City
What power does Nan use to kill Joan?
What is the name of the deity who made Marie immortal?
Papa Legba
What is the name of the company dedicated to hunting witches?
Delphi Trust
Who does Spalding help Delphine try and kill?
Marie Lavaeu
Where do Kyle and Zoe flee?
Name one of the Seven Wonders.
Telekinesis / Pyrokinesis / Concillium / Vitalum Vitalis / Transmutation / Divination / Descensum
Who does Marie end up in hell with for all eternity?
Who fails the task of descending into the underworld?
Who is revealed as the new supreme?
Cordelia Foxx
Who does the new supreme choose as the new council?
Zoe and Queenie
What are Myrtle's last words?
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