Pretty Little Liars (2014)

Questions regarding the first four and a half seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Good luck!
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Last updated: November 10, 2014
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Who does missing at the beginning of the first season?
Alison Dilaurentis
Who is the first one of the Liars to get a message from 'A'?
Aria Montgomery
Who's sweater do the police find that has Alison's blood on it?
Toby Cavanaugh's
Who finds out about Aria and Ezra's relationship at Camp Mona?
Noel Kahn
Who was the last Liar to see Alison before she went missing?
Spencer Hastings
Who is pushed off the Bell Tower in the season 1 finale?
Ian Thomas
Who comes back to host a fashion show in season 2?
Jessica DiLaurentis
Who does Aria have dreams about?
Jason DiLaurentis
Who is kidnapped by 'A' in the season 2 summer finale?
Dr. Sullivan
What was used to kill Alison?
A shovel
Who is almost killed by 'A' in the season 2 winter premiere?
Emily Fields
Who do the Liars suspect to be 'A' following the attack?
Lucas Gottesman
Who is arrested for Alison's murder at the end of season two?
Garrett Reynolds
Who is unmasked as 'A' in the season two finale?
Mona Vanderwaal
Where is this person sent?
Radley Sanitarium
Who's grave does Emily end up at at the beginning of season three?
Who do the girls discover is not blind anymore?
Jenna Marshall
Who do the girls meet who acts and looks a lot like Alison?
CeCe Drake
Which of the girls gets locked in a changing room with a snake?
Spencer Hastings
Who do the girls discover killed Maya?
Lyndon James
Who does Garrett tell Spencer he saw Alison with the night she disappeared?
Byron Montgomery
Who begins working as a teacher at Rosewood High that Aria has history with?
What does 'A' accidentally leave behind after an attack on Hanna?
A key
Who does Jason tell Aria he saw wearing the same clothes as Alison the night she disappeared?
CeCe Drake
Which of the Liars is admitted to Radley?
Spencer Hastings
Who is kidnapped by 'A' at the puppet show?
How are the Liars almost killed in the season three finale?
Who does Hanna see after she is pulled out?
Who is arrested for Wilden's murder?
Ashley Marin
Who confesses to killing him?
Mona Vanderwaal
Who do the girls discover is Red Coat in the mid season finale?
CeCe Drake
Who do the girls find out is actually alive?
Who do the girls suspect is in Alison's grave?
Sara Harvey
Who does Hanna become involved romantically with?
Who does Spencer discover is Board Shorts?
Ezra Fitz
What does Spencer become addicted to?
Where do the girls go to see Alison?
New York
Who does she tell them buried her alive?
Jessica DiLaurentis
Who is shot by 'A'?
Who does Aria kill in the season five premiere?
Where does Alison tell the police she has been?
Who confronts Alison at the crypt?
Who is the girl revealed to be in Alison's grave?
Bethany Young
Who is helping Alison with her kidnapping story?
Who is revealed to have accidentally killed Bethany?
Who is murdered in the season five summer finale?
When is the next PLL episode set?
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