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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user geogerno1.
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Times taken 14,927
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2,6392022-02-07Roblox TDS quiz
2,6012022-01-03Balkan Flags Quiz
1,9692022-07-02Викторина по флагам Балкан
1,7322019-11-23How fast can you type QWERTY........?
1,0642019-11-03Name a valid country
8992019-11-23Wie schnell kannst du qwertz eingeben?
5192019-11-10Name a valid country #2
3302020-12-13Chemist's Code- Countries
2362019-09-20Europäische Länder Und Hauptstädte
2202020-10-09Länder, die am arabischsten sprechen
2162022-01-03Balkan Flaggen Quiz
1892019-11-10Cities in Cyrillic
1212020-12-20Countries in Europe and Asia
1132020-12-0222 languages of India
1112019-10-28Celebrity Nationalities
1012019-08-11Guess the language quiz (HARD)
872019-11-04Flags of Countries in the Rugby World Cup
822020-12-13Which Country.....?
782022-01-04Quiz sur les drapeaux des Balkans
692022-01-13Cities in Cyrillic #2
662019-11-10Country Chain Quiz #2
642019-11-02Currency Symbol Quiz
492019-11-09Country Chain
452020-12-0211 Languages of South Africa
442020-05-08Countries that Tui offer holidays to
442020-07-31Countries that the Simpsons have visited
432020-05-22Geography Tile Select 1
412019-11-16Random Country to Largest City
402019-11-16Nicknames for Cities
402019-10-19Europe by Picture
372019-10-18Countries in their native language by flag- Europe
362021-12-30'Noughts and Crosses' Quiz
362020-12-17Religion by Building
362022-01-11"Stan" Flags in 15 Seconds
352019-11-23Bhutan...or Brunei
342019-11-02Most Biodiverse Countries
332019-10-19Balkan States Quiz
332019-11-21Least Populated Capital Cities
332019-11-03Mario Multi-Choice
322019-11-16Random City to Country
322019-11-16Countries- Tourism Slogans
312019-10-18Arctic or Antarctic
312020-12-14National Birds of Countries
282019-11-07"Shortest" Countries
282020-12-22European Capitals by Most Visited Attraction #1
272019-10-25Least Guessed Flags of Jetpunk
272019-11-19Fill in the blank- Geography
272020-12-20European Capitals by Airport Code
272020-11-30Religion by Symbol
252020-12-21European Capitals by Skyline
252019-11-17Lines of National Anthems
252019-11-06"Tallest" Countries
232020-07-02Which "Stan" Country...?
232022-01-03Which Country...? #2
222019-10-24Mediterranean Flags
222022-01-03Top 10 Hottest Songs of 2003
212019-10-22Africa by Picture
202022-01-03Top 10 Hottest Songs of 2002
182020-08-02Countries that begin with X
172022-01-09All UK Cities from North to South
172019-10-19Asia by Picture
172020-12-22European Capitals by Flag #1
162020-12-14Top 20 JetPunkers
162020-12-20European Capitals by Coat of Arms
162020-12-21European Capitals by Tallest Building
152019-08-11Guess the city by picture
142022-01-02Top 10 Hottest Songs of 2001
132022-01-02Top 10 Hottest Songs of 2000
122021-08-22All Official Nordic Cross Flags
122020-07-02Countries with no confirmed COVID-19 Cases
112019-10-24Oceania by Picture
112019-09-23SONIC AND MARIO
102020-08-02'Stan' Countries by Picture in 1 Minute
92019-09-15The Mario Character Quiz
92022-01-20Countries by Average Flight Time from London
92019-11-24Tower to City
72021-12-30Chemist's Code-Countries 2
62022-01-20US States by Average Flight Time From London
42019-10-22Mario quiz
42021-08-22Books in the Noughts and Crosses Sequence
32021-08-22Books in the Mortal Instruments