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23,3452021-09-20 Modern-Day Countries of the Holy Roman Empire on a Map
13,6212021-04-25 Spain True or False?
12,3002021-04-29 Florida True or False?
6,9302022-04-21Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
3,4472020-06-21Stations de métro aléatoires de Paris avec une carte
3,1182020-05-16Ortadoğu Harita Yarışması
1,9052020-08-27Regions of Chile (With a Map)
1,7972020-06-28Random Metro Stations of Paris on a Map
1,4522020-07-03Balkans Map Quiz
1,2372020-08-27Regions of Kazakhstan (With a Map)
1,1222020-08-27Hrvatska Zemlja Kviz
1,0612020-05-13Вікторина України
9592021-02-11Provincias Aleatorias de España
8952021-04-06Modern-Day Countries of the Mali Empire on a Map
8922020-09-22Empires that Used to Have Colonies in Africa
7422020-07-03Central Europe - Map Quiz
6312020-04-16Regions of the World
6032021-03-03Modern-Day Countries of the Han Dynasty on a Map
5812020-10-18Modern-Day Countries of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
5762020-05-10Para Birimlerine Göre Ülkeler
5652022-11-28Oblasts of Ukraine - Map Quiz
5292020-10-16Modern-Day Countries of the Chagatai Khanate on a Map
4402020-07-10Do You Know How to Spell the Longest Word in English?
4332020-05-16مسابقة خريطة الشرق الأوسط
3952020-06-16Is Kashmir in India, Pakistan, or China?
3732020-11-25Counties of Hungary (With a Map)
3682020-12-20Dialects and Languages of France on a Map
3632020-10-08U.S. States and Territories in 1819 on a Map
3562020-10-14Modern-Day U.S. States of Deseret on a Map
3432020-10-04Oblasts of Ukraine with an Empty Map
3232020-08-20Countries Raided by the Vikings
3122020-11-21New Jersey Counties - Map Quiz
2962020-09-08Regions of Denmark (With a Map)
2912020-10-30Dialects of the United States on a Map
2832020-10-23Regions of Belgium (With a Map)
2702020-11-09Modern-Day States of the Missouri Territory
2472020-11-05Countries Covered on a Map
2472020-06-24Random Countries of Europe in 1444
2352020-11-03Biggest Cities in a Ring of the United States on a Map
2322020-11-11U.S. States of the Bible Belt on a Map
2302020-07-09JetPunk U.S. Political Party Poll
2302020-07-12nepal... or bhutan or bangladesh?
2272020-09-09Counties of the New York City Metropolitan Area
2232020-10-23Proposed U.S. States on a Map
2092020-05-15Random Barcelona Metro Stations on a Map
2062020-05-09Southern Europe - Map Quiz
2022020-06-07States of Germany With a Borderless Map
2012020-07-19Organs of the Human Body - Map Quiz
1972020-05-31Municipalités aléatoires de la métropole du Grand Paris
1872020-08-26Cars by picture (Hard)
1862020-11-19Khanates of the Mongol Empire (With a Map)
1862021-02-22Pays du Saint-Empire romain germanique sur une carte
1842021-02-16U.S. States Closest to New Delhi
1842020-10-26Air Traffic Control Centers of the United States
1792021-03-01Countries that Used to Have Colonies in Asia
1792019-10-04The easiest quiz ever
1772020-07-24Losowe województwa na mapie Polski
1762020-04-30African countries with the most white africans
1762020-05-26What do These 50 Emojis Stand For?
1692020-10-15Cherokee States Quiz
1652020-06-16Is Western Sahara Independent or Part of Morocco?
1632020-11-11U.S. States of the Wheat Belt on a Map
1632020-09-20Countries that Bordered the Tethys Sea
1632020-10-16Top 10 Most Republican U.S. States
1592020-10-08States and Provinces of the Rocky Mountains (With a Map)
1592020-11-05U.S. States Covered on a Map
1562021-04-27Top 10 Most Democratic U.S. States
1552020-11-15Dinner Table - Map Quiz
1552020-10-30Apache States Quiz
1542020-11-19States of the Arkansas River Basin on a Map
1532020-07-06European Countries with Positive Population Growth in 2100
1522020-11-15U.S. States of the Jello Belt on a Map
1512020-05-10Random Regions of Italy
1492020-12-12U.S. States of the Frost Belt on a Map
1472020-11-09Top 15 Most Hated Presidents
1432020-06-19Länder mit 50 Millionen Einwohnern im Jahr 2100
1432020-06-01Five Most Common Religions by Continent
1412020-04-09Kraje imperium mongolskiego
1402020-11-26States Affected by the Dust Bowl (With a Map)
1372020-07-17Coronavirus (COVID-19) quiz
1362020-05-03Bundesländer mit grenzenloser Karte
1362020-10-30U.S. Active Separatist Movements (With a Map)
1302020-04-24Triple Landlocked U.S. States
1252021-01-26Hungary True or False?
1232020-05-25Fast Typing - 1 to 35
1222020-07-02Random Countries in Their Own Language
1222020-06-16Länder mit 100 Millionen Menschen im Jahr 2100
1212021-01-13Countries with the Least Immigrants Per Capita
1212020-07-11Pays avec 50 millions d'habitants en 2100
1182020-09-02Top 15 Most Loved Presidents
1182021-12-31Save Jeppy by Answering Questions - 6x5 Board - U.S. States' General Knowledge
1142020-09-11Biggest Cities in Illinois on a Map
1142020-06-17Random Federal Subjects (Oblasts) of Russia
1142020-05-31Zufällige tektonische Platten auf einer Karte
1112020-05-03Staaten von Österreich mit einer grenzenlosen Karte
1072021-01-01States of the Colorado River Basin on a Map
1072021-12-26Countries that Used to Have Colonies in North America
1052020-11-06Mexican Cession
1052020-07-06Pays européens à croissance démographique positive en 2100
1022020-06-05Countries that Used to Have Colonies in Europe
1022020-06-04Countries that Used to Have Colonies in South America
1012020-05-10Regioni casuali d'Italia
1002019-10-20computer keys in keyboard order
972019-11-13Countries that eat the spiciest food
962021-02-25Chess Pieces - Hard Edition
942020-12-12Countries that Used to Have Colonies in the Caribbean
912020-11-10Municipalities of Delaware (With a Map)
892020-08-17African Countries with Negative Population Growth in 2100
892020-10-15Lenape States Quiz
892020-06-16Pays avec 100 millions d'habitants en 2100
882019-09-05five countries with the most jews by continent
862020-03-25Geography & History Trivia
832020-04-10Countries by Where they Gained Indapendence
832020-04-12Countries that Bordered India in Pangea
822020-05-10Şimdiye kadarki en kolay test
822019-11-13größte Obstproduzenten
802020-10-16Dakota States and Provinces Quiz
802020-11-07U.S. Presidents by Signature
782020-06-04Countries that Used to Have Colonies in Oceania
762020-05-06Random Gulfs and Bays on a Map
762020-06-19Countries With 50 Million People in 2100
742020-07-02Top 10 Islamic Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy
742020-06-29Countries With 100 Million People in 2100
742019-11-12Titles of the kings in the world
732020-09-01countries without mountains
732021-09-30U.S. States Where over 50% of Residents own Guns
722019-11-057 medival kingdoms of britain
722020-08-11States of the Oregon Trail
722020-04-30puppies by picture
712019-08-24top ten countries by military advancment
712019-10-13Top 50 countries by opium production
702020-05-08Losowe prowincje rzymskie
702020-02-05Yiddish Loan Words Quiz
682019-11-12Länder der osmanischen Königsfamilie
672020-12-06Most Guessed Countries on the Most Guessed Countries on the Most Guessed Countries on the Most Guessed Countries of the Most Guessed Countries on the Most Guessed Countries on JetPunk Quiz
662020-05-15hindu gods
662019-10-27Romania Reigons
652020-06-07Boroughs of New York City With a Borderless Map
632020-05-10Random Counties of Sweden
622020-07-01Pays africains à croissance démographique négative en 2100
622020-04-13Presidential Ancestries
612020-06-30Estados aleatórios do Brasil
612020-07-06Europäische Länder mit positivem Bevölkerungswachstum im Jah
602020-03-16Countries of the ottoman royal family
592020-04-27German Speaking Countries - Map Quiz
592020-05-08Random Peninsulas on the Map
592020-10-07Countries with 100,000 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases
582019-10-01Countries of Phoenicia
582020-05-07Religions by Emoji
572020-05-07Random Countries of Europe in 1815
572020-06-22Land mit 25 Millionen Einwohnern im Jahr 2100
572019-09-10first countries to recognize pakistan
572020-06-22Pays avec 25 millions d'habitants en 2100
562019-10-05Biggest steel producing countries
562020-05-06Random Seas of the World
552020-04-28Zodiac Signs in 15 Seconds
552019-10-02biggest producers of fruit
552020-02-02U.S. States With a Double Letter
552019-09-12top 35 countries with the most donkeys
542020-11-25Countries Without Coronavirus (COVID-19)
542020-06-19Países con 50 millones de personas en 2100
542020-06-07States of Brazil with a Borderless Map
532020-11-02The Split of Texas
532019-09-10us states in alphabetical order
512020-05-15Scandinavian Peninsula Map Quiz
492020-05-01Länder mit den meisten Perlen
492019-12-27Geography Trivia
462020-06-22Countries With 25 Million People in 2100
462020-06-22Países con 25 millones de personas en 2100
452020-01-05countries that drink the most soda
452020-04-14All Asian Countries: Scrambled
452019-10-27Most unhealthy countries
452020-07-27countries donald trump's family is from
442020-06-28Pays asiatiques à croissance démographique positive en 2100
442020-05-03Zufällige Staaten von Österreich
432019-09-25countries with the tallest statues
432020-05-09Closest Ancestries of the Democratic Nominee Candidates
432020-08-23Countries with the Most COVID-19 per 1m People
422020-03-04Sombody from _____ is called a ...
422019-10-20Top 35 countries with the most organ transplants
422020-02-02U.S. State Capitals With a Double Letter
422020-05-09Southeast Asia - Map Quiz
422021-10-02Shapes on a Map
412020-07-07Countries With 75 Million People in 2100
402020-10-18Islands of the Azores on a Map
402020-11-07Presidents who Didn't serve in the Military
392020-06-28Oceanian Countries With Positive Population Growth in 2100
392020-12-04U.S. Treemap - Map Quiz
392020-03-08letters of the musical alphabet
382020-04-29countries of the swedish empire
382020-06-07Countries in Which A Non-Ball Sport is the Most Popular
382021-05-08Democratic States Donald Trump once had a lead in During the 2020 Election
382020-07-06Paesi europei con crescita positiva della popolazione nel 21
372020-05-06Random Places on a Risk Board
372020-07-06Países europeos con crecimiento demográfico positivo en 2100
372021-05-08Republican States Joe Biden once had a lead in During the 2020 Election
372020-06-28Asian Countries with Positive Population Growth in 2100
372020-01-21countries with the most electricity made by...
362020-06-29Les pays océaniens gagnent en population en 2100
362020-06-28Ozeanien mit positivem Bevölkerungswachstum im Jahr 2100
362020-11-20"Yes" In 120 Languages
352020-05-10Most Populated Cities in Every Asian Country - Map Quiz
352020-06-06Landen waar cricket de meest populaire sport is
352020-09-25Countries of the World - Special Edition
342020-06-21Translations of George
342019-11-055 kingdoms in ireland
332020-06-07Random States of India on a Map
332020-05-15Scandinavian Peninsula Map Quiz
332020-07-24Countries of Europe with a Blurry Map
312021-03-25U.S. States Hidden on a Map
312020-02-06Ancient Greek Letters With 6 Letters
312020-05-21Top 15 Richest Presidents
312020-04-12países de la familia real otomana
312020-10-19Countries with the Highest Percentage of Immigrants
312019-11-14pays de la famille royale ottomane
302020-05-09Closest Ancestries of the Republican Nominee Candidates
302020-10-09Top 10 U.S. States with the Most Renewable Energy
302019-10-05top ten healthiest countries
302020-07-03Top 10 Islamic Countries with the Lowest Life Expectancy
302020-11-24US States with 1m+ people in 1900
292020-05-13Myanmar (Burma) states and divisions
292020-06-16Canada Provinces and Territories Quiz - No Hints
282020-03-08Crack The Code #2
282020-06-28Bevölkerungswachstum in asiatischen Ländern im Jahr 2100
272020-05-18Random Demonyms of Countries Quiz
272020-04-26Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz
272020-03-31places with stan in their name
272020-08-18Countries with the Highest Hunger Statistics with Exceptions
272020-10-17Ilhas do Açores em Mapa
262020-05-19Top 50 candy brands
262020-06-07States of Austria With a Borderless Map
252020-05-28Countries with the Most Discus Medals
252020-05-22US States and Territories By Main Marketeer
252020-09-15Countries of the Seljuk empire
252019-09-08countries of the sassanid empire
252020-04-22Countries with the Most Nobel Peace Prize Winners Per Capita
242019-09-09most valuable currencies in the world
242020-07-21Name a Valid Indian State or Union Territory
242020-06-20Double Landlocked U.S. States
242020-05-28Books of the Torah Quiz
232019-08-31countries of the timurid empire
232020-02-06Ancient Greek Letters That Have 3 Letters
232021-04-28U.S. States in Which Polls Were "Biased" towards Trump in 2020
232020-06-20Random Regions of Finland
232019-09-14countries with tapirs
232020-06-22Translations of Joseph
222020-06-25Phases of the Moon
222020-05-30Top 15 Longest Living U.S. Presidents
222019-10-09fruits i have eaten
222019-11-28most popular candies
222020-05-12german domination
222019-10-23provinces of iraq
212020-05-15Random Canary Islands
212019-10-29smallest countries in north america
212020-06-01Top 15 Shortest Living U.S. Presidents
212020-05-21Top 15 Poorest Presidents
202020-08-16Countries with the Highest Hunger Statistics
202020-08-18Countries with the Lowest Access to Electricity
202019-11-12země osmanské královské rodiny
192020-04-13Presidents Without Middle Names
192020-11-20"Hello" In Different Languages
192021-02-03U.S. States with the Most Coronavirus Patients Per Capita
192020-04-24U.S. States Quiz: Challenge
192020-03-07Crack The Code #1
182020-03-19places with the most valuable currency in order
182020-05-04States of Austria by Borders
182020-08-30U.S. States Whose Official Foods have Meat
182019-09-14countries with raindeer
172020-04-28Chester, Chester... or Chester
172019-10-05minecraft mobs i have seen
172020-05-06Random British Prime Ministers
172020-04-12Paesi della famiglia reale ottomana
172019-09-27countries of the ghaznavid empire
172020-05-09Ancient Greek Letters that Have 2 Letters
162020-05-08Chinese Zodiac Animals in 15 Seconds
152021-01-19U.S. States with the Most Coronavirus Patients Per Capita
152020-08-09Canadian Provinces Ranked by COVID-19 Patients per 1m People
152020-08-23Countries with the Least COVID-19 per 1m People
152019-09-27currencies by picture 2
152019-09-22monarchies of eurasia
152020-04-28Willekeurige provincies van Nederland
142020-08-03U.S. States that are Losing People
132020-11-07All U.S. Vice Presidents by Signature
132020-02-06Ancient Greek Letters With 5 Letters
132020-04-22Ancient Greek Alphabetical Symbols Quiz
132020-02-06Ancient Greek Letters With 7 Letters
132020-02-06Ancient Greek Letters With 4 Letters
132019-09-23countries with the most pearls
132020-03-19Random Geography & history
132020-04-27Presidents Who Didn't go to College
132019-10-23Regions of mali
132019-09-23countries with the best quality opals
122020-08-11States of the National Road
122020-05-07States of the Pony Express
122020-05-03Random States of Austria
122020-02-01Countries on a 50 euro cent coin.
122020-05-25JetPunk Users with the Most Featured Quizzes
122020-03-05Ivy league universities
122020-06-16States of India - No Hints
112020-04-29Puppies by picture 2
112020-05-06Random Layers of the Earth and Atmosphere
112020-05-06Random Prime Ministers of Israel
102020-06-03Languages I have Quizzes In
102020-05-07Random Boroughs of London
102019-11-14lande i den ottomanske kongefamilie
102020-07-01Random Provinces of South Africa
102020-05-19Eastern Africa Map Quiz
92020-05-07Random Cities on Route 66
92019-10-13hindu castes in order from most powerful to least
92020-05-09Provinces of China Map Quiz - 1 Minute Sprint
92019-09-23countries with the most valuable pearls
92020-06-08Oldest Incorporated Places in California
92020-04-27Capitals That Touch the Mississippi River
92019-09-13animal by picture
92020-05-15Random Islands of the Galápagos
82020-04-21US States by Biggest County
72021-01-28States with the Most Cases of the British COVID-19 Variant
72020-08-11Top 10 Least Populated U.S. States in 1900
72020-05-23Main Vedic Scripts Quiz
72019-09-15Old currencies by picture
62020-04-24currencies I have
62019-09-30animal by picture 2
62020-01-26National parks on park quarters (Including Territories)
62020-06-09هل يمكنك تسمية هذه الدول الخمسين العشوائية؟
62020-10-29Character to Movie #lebby
62020-06-04European companies in India
62020-05-06Random Presidents of France
62019-09-14currencies by picture 4
52019-11-02top 50 jetpunk users by quizmaster rank
52020-05-19Mapa Quiz Map East
52020-05-10عشوائي الإمارات العربية المتحدة
52020-08-07U.S. States that are Gaining the Most People
52019-10-23provinces of morocco
42021-04-01ClutchNferno's General Knowledge
42019-09-10currencies by picture 3
42019-10-30royal families in the world
42020-05-19Canadian Prime Ministers by Signature
42020-05-06Random Prime Ministers of Australia
32020-05-08Random Hills of Rome
32021-04-01The Quiz Title
32019-10-23provinces of yemen
32019-10-23provinces of oman
32020-05-06Random Canadian Prime Ministers
22020-02-06koda hand sign ladder letters
22020-06-08Newest Incorporated Places in California
22020-05-20جۇڭگونىڭ ئىختىيارى ئۆلكىسى
22020-05-19Quiz Map Map Atsinanana
22020-05-16مسابقه نقشه خاورمیانه
22020-08-11U.S. States by Population in 1900
22020-05-10Resme Göre Para Birimleri
12020-05-20Россия викторинасының Федераль субъектлары
12020-05-20মানচিত্রে ভারতের রাজ্যসমূহ
12020-05-11Ceisneachadh Comhairlean na h-Alba
02020-05-23मुख्य वैदिक लिपियों प्रश्नोत्तरी
02020-05-10Welatên ku sînorê orderraqê dikin
02020-05-20Randaj Polaj Voivodatoj
02020-05-20Random moo ntawm Tuam Tshoj
02020-05-20جۇڭگونىڭ ئۆلكىلەر
02020-05-20Россиянең очраклы федераль субъектлары
02020-05-23मुख्य वैदिक लिपी क्विझ
02020-05-10Streke van Suid-Afrika