Grey's Anatomy Characters Season 1-16

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Main character
Meredith Grey
Moves to Switzerland
Cristina Yang
Cancer Survivor
Izzie Stevens
Chief of Pac North
Alex Karev
Killed after pushing someone out of way of a bus
George O'Malley
Gives birth while husband is undergoing brain surgery
Miranda Bailey
Cheats on wife with love interest
Richard Webber
Get's shot in the shoulder returning with a heart for transplant
Preston Burke
Chief of Neuro, former Chief of surgery, proposes in an elevator
Derek Shepherd
Cheats on husband with his best friend
Addison Montgomery
Gives birth to daughter several weeks premature
Callie Torres
Chief of plastics, dies from complications of plane crash
Mark Sloan
Main character's half sister, dies in plane crash
Lexie Grey
Cardio Surgeon that replaces Burke, love interest of Callie Torres
Erica Hahn
Marries Cristina and Amelia before divorcing both, adoptive father of Leo
Owen Hunt
Loses leg from plane crash
Arizona Robbins
Marries a patient to give him insurance then falls in love with him
Teddy Altman
Has son who dies a few minutes after birth
April Kepner
Renames the hospital Grey-Sloan Memorial
Jackson Avery
Grew up in foster care
Jo Karev
Goes to Switzerland with Cristina
Shane Ross
Trapped with little girl and rapist in hospital
Stephanie Edwards
Get's kicked out of residency program, then comes back
Leah Murphy
Derek's youngest sister, has brain tumor removed
Amelia Shepherd
Richard and Ellis's grey secret love child
Maggie Pierce
Miranda's second husband
Benjamin Warren
Meredith's love interest from New Zealand
Nathan Riggs
Meredith's love interest who went to jail for her
Andrew DeLuca
Love interest of Nico Kim, nickname "glasses"
Levi Schmitt
Removes Amelia's brain tumor, love interest of Teddy before she leaves him for Owen
Thomas Koracick
Had cancer as a kid, grew up to become orthopedic surgeon, dating Amelia
Atticus Lincoln
Died of complication from Alzheimers while her daughter was drowning
Ellis Grey
Dies of alzheimer's, husband cheats on her with Ellis Grey
Adele Webber
Patient who gets his LVAD wire cut
Denny Duquette
Meredith and Lexie Grey's father
Thatcher Grey
Dies from gunshot womb to the chest because the elevators were disabled
Charles Percy
Goes on shooting spree thorughout the hospital
Gary Clark
First person shot in the shooting, dies instantly
Reed Adamson
Mark Sloan's 18 year old daughter her never knew about
Sloan Riley
Patient dies from heart surgery, former husband to Teddy
Henry Burton
Dies from electrocution looking for Webber in the basement
Heather Brooks
Owen's sister who disappeared in Iraq
Megan Hunt
Discovers Amelia's brain tumor, love interest of Arizona
Carina DeLuca
Love interest of Levi Schmitt, orthopedic surgeron
Nico Kim
New chief of pediatrics at Grey-Sloan
Cormac Hayes
Has baby cut out of her uterus by psychotic patient
Violet Turner
Co-creater of Oceanside Wellness Group
Sam Bennett
Ex-wife of Sam, bestfriend of Addison
Naomi Bennett
Pediatric doctor at Oceanside Wellness Group
Cooper Freedman
Get's raped in her own office at St. Ambrose Hospital in LA
Charlotte King
Takes son in after Violet gives him up
Pete Wilder
Daughter of Sam and Naomi, get's pregnant at 15
Maya Bennett
Daugher of Maya Bennett
Olivia Bennett
Main character's adoptive daughter from Africa
Zola Grey-Shepherd
Born several weeks premature due to car crash
Sofia Torres
Fostered than adopted by Amelia and Owen
Leo Hunt
Born in a hospital blackout to main character
Bailey Grey-Shepherd
Meredith's daughter born after Derek's death
Ellis Grey-Shepherd
Daughter born to Teddy and Owen
Allison Hunt
Biological mother of Leo, went to rehab
Betty Nelson
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