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6272019-11-12Countries by Last Two Letters in 2 minutes
3392019-10-15Ancient Egyptian gods-in pictures
1762020-03-01Numbers which are Homophones
1052020-05-04Countries by official languages in 60 seconds
952019-11-04Eye colours
902019-11-28Countries with cleanest water
862019-12-12Countries with the most polluted water
792019-12-04Countries (in order of size)
712020-03-11Homophones of three or more words
702019-12-0932 points of a compass
682019-11-28Countries with the cleanest air
672019-10-12Old names for countries of the world
662019-11-28Countries I find hard to spell.
612019-12-19Country Tile Select
602019-12-08Countries with 'p' s
582019-11-20Elements and zodiacs
542019-12-11Countries which are most peaceful
532019-11-27Countries with 'f' s
502019-11-27Countries with 'w' s
492019-11-24Countries with 'j' s
492019-12-14Countries which are least peaceful
462019-12-08Capitals named after their country
382019-10-14Most popular girls names 2019
382019-11-24Countries with 'q's
352019-10-14Most popular boys names 2019
342019-11-27Countries with 'y' s
342019-11-24Countries with 'z's
342019-11-25Countries with 'v' s
332019-12-14Colours of New Zealand Money
322019-11-27Countries with 'k' s
302020-04-20The only Carbon-negative country
292019-11-25Countries with 'x' s
282019-12-06Guess the word II
272019-12-10Countries with the most polluted air
252019-11-28Guess the word
232019-12-09Countries without 'a' s
222019-11-03How many ways you can feel.
212020-02-03Common chemicals
212020-04-22Countries with no military
192020-04-28Noble metals
182019-12-10National days
182020-02-02Colour, Architecture and Value - Euros
162020-08-02Animals named after harry potter
162020-05-11Guess the word III (Hard!)
142019-10-17The two domains of taxonomy
132020-05-11Countries with lowest unemployment rate
122019-12-14Flowering Fruits
112019-10-29New Zealand money-who's on it?
102019-11-06Different symbols for different names-periodic table
82019-11-03The top ten most abundant greenhouse gases.
82023-02-13Countries of the World Quiz by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
72019-12-09Complicated proverbs
52019-10-18Dream science-key terms
52019-09-18Airéan language
42019-12-18105th meridian west
42019-12-18135th meridian west
42019-11-10Name the leader- Oceania / Australasia
32019-12-18165th meridian west
32019-10-17Mrs. C Gren
22019-12-1860th meridian east
22019-12-1860th meridian west
22019-12-1830th meridian east
22020-06-25Describing animals
22020-06-25Name the bird
22020-12-01Airean symbolism - Dretzāj
22019-12-1890th meridian east
22019-12-18120th meridian east
22019-12-1790th meridian west
22019-12-18120th meridian west
22019-12-18150th meridian west
22019-12-1815th meridian east
22019-12-1845th meridian east
22019-12-1875th meridian east
22019-12-18105th meridian east
22019-12-18135th meridian east
22019-12-18165th meridian east
22019-12-1875th meridian west
22019-12-1845th meridian west
22019-12-1830th meridian west
22019-12-18180th meridian
22019-12-18150th meridian east
22019-12-1815th meridian west
12020-06-25Describing animals 2