Horses, Horses, Horses

Which horse was named after a town in Scotland? Do you know?
Quiz by Horsertopia16
Last updated: May 30, 2015
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A horse known for its spotted pattern
a hand is this many inches
4 in.
Named after a town in Scotland of the same name (as the horse breed)
How you measure a horse
A year old horse (colt or filly)
a castrated male horse
an uncastrated male horse
fancy term for wild horse; American ________ are almost extinct and are currently endangered and have been for a long time
a grown female horse
hair between ears
made out of the same stuff as a human nail
this saddle has a horn and pastern
saddle is commonly used for jumping and has no horn and is smaller and lighter
often mistaken for a super small pony but isn't
miniature horse
where you start measuring hands down from on a horse and where the saddle pad is placed
Shetland, Morgan, Quarter Horse are just a few
the birthing of a foal is better known as what
horses have been around this long
55 million years
the first horse was only this many hands high
how'd the Lippizaner get its famous white coat
selective breeding
horses are what animals other than flight or prey
social, herd
Caballo-Spanish for horse is based off of its scientific name which is _________ ___________
Equus Caballus
any animal related to a horse or a horse itself
only difference from horse is the number of hands
Named after Justin Morgan and was first bred by him
Morgan horse
Level 46
Feb 6, 2015
I believe you messed up with the scotland question, there is no town in scotland named scotland . There is the aerian or ayr
Level 46
Feb 6, 2015
Also horses have been evolving for 55 MILLION years not thousand
Level 44
Apr 12, 2019
Check your grammar. Many of these questions could have been better worded. Good quiz otherwise.
Level 40
Apr 22, 2020
Mustangs are actually not wild horses; they are feral descendants of the earliest-known domesticated horses.
Level 62
Oct 14, 2020
Also, a Shetland pony is in fact a pony and should not be included in the, horse breeds question.
Level 62
Oct 14, 2020
Horses are many things, not just social, domesticated is one along with equines, mammals....etc the list goes on and on.
Level 40
Apr 6, 2022
You accept Mustang and Clydesdale, but you won't except Morgan or miniature unless "horse" is included? Makes no sense. Morgan and Miniature should be acceptable answers. Also, Western and English are more than just a saddle difference. The question "horses are what animals other than flight or prey" is a poor question. The answers are extremely subjective and many, many answers could fit this question.