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8032017-08-03Nobel Prize Winners In Chemistry
7322017-08-08Nobel Prize Winners in Physics
6472017-08-07Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine
5512018-07-10Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
4382017-08-13Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role
3552018-07-10Nobel Prize Winners In Literature
1932017-07-26Quebec Premiers
1342017-07-31Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
1282017-08-10Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role
1252017-08-16Oscar for Best Cinematography
1102017-08-16Oscar for Best Costume Design
1062018-07-10Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role
872017-08-12Oscar for Best Director
722017-07-26Alberta Premiers
662018-07-12UEFA Euro Top 4 Positions
602017-08-08Governors General of Canada
582017-07-26US Territories and District
512017-06-15Famous Canadian Authors Quiz
462017-08-10Oscar for Best Picture
422017-07-26Ontario Premiers
412017-07-26British Columbia Premiers
412018-03-30Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film
362017-08-11Oscar for Best Animated Feature
342017-07-31Nobel Prize Winners in Peace
272017-08-19Oscar for Best Film Editing
252017-07-262016 Democratic Candidates
222017-07-26Newfoundland and Labrador Premiers
222017-07-26Nova Scotia Premiers
212017-10-11Manitoba Premiers
212017-07-26Saskatchewan Premiers
172017-07-262016 Republican Candidates
162017-08-08Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz
162017-08-08US Vice Presidents
152017-08-17Oscar for Best Documentary Feature
152018-03-30Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling
152017-07-31Leaders of Newfoundland
152017-08-08US Presidents
102017-08-09Stanley Cup Champions Quiz
102017-07-26New Brunswick Premiers Quiz
62017-08-08UN Secretaries-General
62017-08-14Oscar for Best Animated Short Film
42018-03-30Alberta MLAs of the 29th Legislature
32017-07-26Prince Edward Island Premiers
32017-07-26Yukon Territory Premiers
22017-07-26Nunavut Premiers
22017-07-26Northwest Territories Premiers
12018-03-30Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film
02017-08-19Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject