WW2 Guns

Can you name these iconic guns used during World War 2?
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Last updated: July 5, 2022
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The standard issue pistol of the U.S. armed forces
Colt M1911
This German pistol was one of the most sought after trophies by opposing forces
Luger P09
The "broom handle" German pistol that inspired Han Solo's blaster
Mauser C96
The standard issue pistol of the Japanese armed forces
Nambu Type 14
The Soviet Union's standard issue pistol
Tokarev TT-33
British family of cheap-to-make submachine guns with left mounted magazines
Sten guns
Popular name for the American M3A1 submachine gun because of it's similarity to this lubricating tool
Grease Gun
The German SMG pictured above
This model of "Tommy gun" used in WW2 was the only one that accepted the iconic 50 round drum magazines
Thompson M1928A1
This Soviet submachine gun was their most mass produced gun of the war with over 6 million made
The only Japanese submachine gun produced in any significant quantities
Type 100
Lightweight carbine used by the United States forces
M1 Carbine
Semi automatic rifle used by the United States. Known for the iconic "ping" sound that the clip makes when ejecting
M1 Garand
Soviet semi automatic battle rifle
Tokarev SVT-40
The worlds first assault rifle, used by the German army
This German automatic rifle with signature telescopic sights was originally used by paratroopers, but became more common near the end of the war
Mauser FG 42
Standard issue bolt action rifle used by the German army
Karabiner 98k
This bolt action rifle was one of the main weapons used by the British forces
From the USSR, one of the most mass produced bolt action rifles in history
Moisin Nagant
British light machine gun, easily recognizable by the curved magazine loaded into the top of the gun
Automatic rifles designed by John Browning, used by the United States as a squad automatic weapon
British machine gun with the iconic pan magazine
Lewis Machine Gun
This belt fed Russian light machine gun was developed and used in small numbers near the end of the war but wasn't mass distributed until the war was over
Degtyaryov RPD
.50 caliber American machine gun known as the "Ma deuce"
Browning M2
Early German machine gun with the iconic saddle drum magazine
MG 15
This German machine gun, known as "Hitler's Buzzsaw" devastated the allied forces
MG 42
Level 59
Feb 16, 2024
For STG-44 should accept "Sturmgewehr 44"?

And wouldnt the iconic saddle drum magazine machine gun be the MG 34?