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7452021-05-10Morse Code Alphabet
4402021-04-2350 Family Guy Characters
2192021-05-06Stranger Things Trivia: Season 3
1932021-05-04Stranger Things Trivia: Season 1
1742021-09-04Cobra Kai Trivia - Season 1
1182021-09-02Malcolm in the Middle Characters
1112021-09-11Cobra Kai Characters
1102021-09-05Cobra Kai Trivia - Season 2
1062021-05-05Stranger Things Trivia: Season 2
872021-04-16All GTA 5 Weapons
792021-10-11Netflix Series & Movies by Clue
612019-12-07Wood Types in Minecraft
492021-09-25Top 60 Johnny Cash Songs
452022-01-23Metallica Songs by Lyrics
342022-01-31Top 20 Longest Metallica Songs
312021-09-30AC/DC Biggest Hits
292021-09-04Every Goldfish Flavor
272021-09-05Every GTA Game
252021-12-19Metallica Greatest Hits
242021-05-04Raising Dion Characters
242021-02-27Top 25 Best-Selling Albums
242021-10-01Led Zeppelin Biggest Hits
222022-03-06Top 50 Most Streamed Metallica Songs
192022-03-06Least Streamed Song on Each Metallica Album
192021-04-20AC/DC Songs Ranked Worst To Best
172021-04-02AC/DC Albums Ranked Worst To Best
172022-01-22Animated Shows & Movies By Clue
172021-04-23AC/DC Songs Played Live
172021-06-03AC/DC Members
162021-04-10AC/DC Quiz
132021-09-06Name a Valid AC/DC Song
132022-01-20Every Song Metallica Won/Was Nominated for a Grammy
112022-01-27Metallica Songs Played Live
82021-04-27AC/DC Tour Years
72022-01-31Alan Jackson Albums
72022-11-12Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul Episodes
62021-09-18Johnny Cash Albums
52022-02-12Johnny Cash American Recordings
42021-07-10All Colors In Flow Free
32021-09-30AC/DC Videos
32022-02-23Original artists for songs on Johnny Cash's Unchained
32021-07-10Geometry Dash Levels (2.1)
22022-01-22Every Metallica Song
02021-09-11Paradise PD Episodes
02021-09-25The Highwaymen All Songs