Marvel Villains

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Quiz by imbatman1997004
Last updated: November 20, 2015
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The X-Men's main enemy. Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Real name: Erik Lehnsherr.
Spider-Man's archenemy. Head of a major business. Real name: Norman Osborn.
Green Goblin
Captain America's archenemy. Worked for the Nazis. Real name: Johann Schmidt.
Red Skull
Iron Man's archenemy. Wields ten incredibly powerful rings. Real name: Gene Khan.
The Fantastic Four's archenemy. Ruler of Latveria. Real name: Victor von Doom.
Doctor Doom
The Hulk's archenemy. Has a really big head. Real name: Samuel Sterns.
Thor's archenemy and adopted brother. God of mischief. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Enemy of both Spider-Man and Daredevil. Once smashed a man's head off with a car door. Real name: Wilson Fisk.
Another Daredevil villain. Never misses. Real name: Lester.
Wolverine's archenemy. Also has similar powers to Wolverine. Real name: Victor Creed.
A member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mother of Nightcrawler. Real name: Raven Darkholme.
Spider-Man villain. Has several extra robotic limbs attached to his back. Real name: Otto Octavius.
Doctor Octopus
Another Spider-Man villain. Covered in symbiotic goo. Real name: Eddie Brock.
Super powerful robot. Created by Hank Pym. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Doctor Strange villain. Wishes he were the Sorcerer Supreme. Real name: Karl Amadeus Mordo.
Baron Mordo
Another Doctor Strange villain. Comes from the Dark Dimension. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Ghost Rider's archenemy. Enjoys stealing people's astral spirits. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Son of the above. Created from the Darkforce. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Black Panther villain, among others. Fights with sound. Real name: Ulysses Klaue.
Spider-Man villain. Covered in red symbiotic goo. Real name: Cletus Kasady.
Captain America villain. Used to be Cap's best friend. Real name: James Barnes.
Winter Soldier
Another Captain America villain. Leader of the Masters of Evil. Real name: Heinrich or Helmut Zemo.
Baron Zemo
Dark Elf leader. Master of the Hounds. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Malekith the Accursed
Enemy of the Avengers. Looks a bit like Skeletor. Real name: Tony Masters.
Comes from the 30th century. Travels through time. Real name: Nathaniel Richards.
Kang the Conqueror
Member of the Kree Empire. Works for the Supreme Intelligence. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Ronan the Accuser
Big green dragon. From the planet Maklu IV. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Fin Fang Foom
Norse mythological fire giant. Involved in Ragnarok. Real name is a bit of a giveaway.
Eats planets. Born at the death of one universe and the birth of our own. Real name: Galan.
The Mad Titan. Seeks the Infinity Stones. Real name is a bit of a giveaway (seems to be a regular thing with these guys).
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