Tej's Selly Oak Quiz

Can you answer these questions about the Recording Rooms Group & Selly Oak?
Quiz by tejchad
Last updated: November 27, 2019
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Which beloved British TV show did Dan's Mum appear in the final episode of?
Peep Show
What now-gone Indian restuarant did Matt take a girl on a date to? (Hint: they also used to sponsor the handball team)
Khanum Balti
What airline does Dan's Dad fly for?
British Airways / BA
Which member of the group ended up in the Recording Rooms because they simply forgot to apply for Uni accomodation?
Caoimhe Peregrine
What percentage an idiot did Matt claim to be?
What do you need to get Sam Houseman drunk?
bottle of wine mate
Who did Tej go on his own to see in concert at the end of first year?
Ariana Grande
For what product's advert did Dan's Mum amusingly do a voiceover?
Durex Condoms
Will was suspended from his primary school for locking his teacher in where?
A Cupboard
Who was the first person to be told about Tej & Dulcie?
Luke Bosher
Which member of the group could have gone to Oxford if they had deferred a year and waited for one of their exams to be remarked?
Grace Walters
Which chicken shop did Faye run into the door of?
On what number of Tiverton Rd did Robyn, Lewis & co. live on in second year?
Where did Jim throw up in Holly's house?
Parent's Bedroom
What adjective did Tej infamously use to describe Chidi in December of first year?
What was the first name of the man who inspired the creation of the term 'Grocotting'?
What was on the dress worn equally well by Grace Sice and Freddie Radakin?
Union Jack
Which male member of the Recording Rooms group has Freddie got with?
Matt O'Kelly
What's the name of Matt's dog?
Which Recording Rooms male has dedicated fitness & photography Instagram accounts?
Angus Ng
Who got bought a sex doll in first year secret santa?
Pokai Peng
Will gave Dulcie a personalised what in first year secret santa?
Who infamously used to have sex very loudly on the 3rd floor?
Lili Maoudis
What was Dan & Will's radio show called?
Back to the Soundtrack
Onto what object did Tej rugby tackle Matt after the above event?
Who's idea was it to go to the Handball Taster Session?
Luke / Dan
What was the name of the nursing student Holly dated in first year?
What board game was being played on Sam's Playstation when the person above was introduced to all of us?
Trivial Pursuit
Ella's Dad is a host on what TV Show?
What show were we watching when Tej yelled at Kira to be quiet?
What did Matt famously do during the Champions League Final in first year?
fall asleep
Who was Dan accused of sharking at Carnival Magnifico in first year?
Eleanor Evans
What was the name of the mega-venue that originally hosted Bongo's Bingo?
Ettienne Gioia's eccentric behaviour was excused by her being what star sign?
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